War. The solar war has began in the Universe. A lot of people have been forced into slavery. No one is safe from the attacks. But this is in space.

{Cut to the biggest ship. You see Leader and Perdix.}

Perdix: Sir we must abandon ship.

LEADER: NO we will stay and fight. Do you want to lose this battle.

{He then walks off.}

Perdix: My leader is a mad man.

{Screen then shows the ship being hit from another close by ship. The screen then shows leader and a lot of other masked people.}

LEADER: Ah yes I see. If those people find out what we are planning to do we will all be finished.

Shadow figure: Yes lets all split up and separate the plans.

ALL OF THEM: Yes. Lets go at once.

{You see them all leave at once. The screen then cuts to Scurda.}

Perdix: I must tell them all to abandon ship.

{He then runs to the speaker and announces to abandon ship. The screen then cuts to leader.}

LEADER: That idiot. He has just made sure of our losing. No. I have an idea. {He pulls out his gun and runs toward the captains room, but scurdas gone.}

LEADER: Ok I seriously need to get off this ship. I hate to do this but... {He pushes a button and a loud sound comes off the ship and says...}

SHIP: The commander of the drones says that he gives up.

{The ships keep shooting.}

LEADER: Stop shooting. Ahhh. {A portal opens and pulls Leader into it.

{The screen shows Perdix.}

Perdix: Maybe I should just go to this E-arth.

{Leader then shows up in lab 1a.}

LEADER: Where in the world.

LAB GUY1: Ah. Are you the new leader of lab 1A.

LEADER: Uh yes of coarse.

LAB GUY1: Good. Now then do you have any special projects for us to do?

{He pulls out the blue prints for a time machine and a special project.}

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