The Warth of Diesel 11
File:The Warth of Diesel 11.jpg
Director Steve Asquith
Britt Allcroft
Malechi Perez
Producer Britt Allcroft

Phil Fehrle
Simon Spencer
Malechi Perez

Writor Screenplay:

Adam Beechen

Wendell Morris

Evelayn Gabai

Nicole Dubuc

Roger Eschbacher
Britt Allcroft
Steve Asquith
Adam Cohen
Rev W. Awdry

Starring Eddie Glen
Colm Feore
Kevin Frank
Neil Corne
Roger Bumpass
Tom Kenny
Ringo Starr
Emma Waston
Billy West
Michael Brandon
Pierce Brosnan

Mike O'Donnel
Junior Campbell Ed Welch
Robert Harmstone

Editing Abi Grants
Malechi Perez
Distributor Columbia Pictures

Hit Entertainment
'(U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, Hungarian,Polish , Czech 'Norway, Swedish, Finnish, Italy, Welsh and more theatrical & worldwide DVD)</small>

Released U.S.

November 12, 2012
AustrailiaNovember 7, 2012
UKIrelandandmoreOctober 29, 2012

Runtime 1hr 48 min.
Country U.S.


Language English
Budget $160 million

The Warth of Diesel 11 is a upcoming Thomas & Friends film produced by HiT Entertainment and Columbia Pictures.


A new strongest diesel called Diesel 11, along with a evil steam engine called Alfred arrives on Sodor and decides to scrap Percy. It's up to Thomas, Duck, Oliver and Wilbert to save Percy from Diesel 11 and Alfred, with the help of Diesel 10.

Featured Characters

From the TV Series and the ERTL Series

  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Donald & Douglas
  • Oliver
  • Emily
  • BoCo
  • Wilbert
  • George (seen on the orinigal film)
  • Crany (seen on the orinigal film)
  • Salty
  • Stanley (mentioned)
  • Sixteen
  • Leo
  • Rosie (cameo)
  • Dennis (cameo)
  • Diesel 10
  • Sir Topham Hatt (mentioned)

Other Characters

  • Diesel 11 (Voiced by Neil Corne) is a true villianous diesel who tried to scrap Percy. But he is defeated by Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Wilbert and Diesel 10. He has a pair of gigantic, fully working and moving claws, a deep-toned horn and neon lights on it.
  • Alfred (Voiced by Garbor Csupo) is Diesel 11's sidekick. He is evil, and Diesel 11 calls him "My Friend" because he claims he doesn't have time to say his name. But he is defeated by Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Wilbert and Diesel 10.
  • Cecil (Voiced by Doug Lawrence) is a tender engine. He is an conceited engine with nine wheels. But he is sent into another siding and gets killed in a shed accident.
  • The Lorax (Voiced by Billy West) is a old orange engine. He once found out that The Once-ler was chopping down trees and turning them into a soft thing called a Thneed.


  • Thomas/Wilbert: John Bellis
  • Edward/Toby/Oliver: Colm Feore
  • Henry/George/Cranky: Kevin Frank
  • Gordon/Diesel 10/Diesel 11: Neil Corne
  • James: Michael Angelis
  • Percy: Tom Kenny
  • Duck/Donald/Douglas/BoCo: Ringo Starr
  • Emily: Teresa Gallagher
  • Salty: Clancy Brown
  • Sixteen: Michael Brandon
  • Mr. Krabs/Cecil: Doug Lawrence
  • Thomas (as Narrator): Pierce Brosnan
  • Alfred: Garbor Csupo


  • This movie was the only apperences of Alfred (D11's sidekick) (who, unlike Diesel 11, has not reappeared).
  • Individual voice actors did the chracter's voice in this movie (similar to the Japanesse Thomas series and Thomas & The Magic Railroad). Roger Bumpass does James' voice and Tom Kenny does Percy's voice.
  • The Fat Controller, Daisy, Mr Percival, The Narrow Gauge engines inculding Spongebob, Bill & Ben, Molly, Murdoch, BoCo, Stewie, Spencer, Flora, Hank, Colin, Bertie, Terence, Nevile, Arry, Bert, Diesel, George, D261, Harvey, Elizabeth, Calliou, Victor, Hiro, Kevin and Charlie are absent in the film while the Fat Controller, Daisy and more are mentioned (Daisy in a song, "Thomas We Love You")
  • George, Cranky and Doggy are seen on the first version in features, but are not seen on the later version of the script.


  • Diesel 11 sounds like a cross between an evil medieval war loud and an alsasion.
  • The runaway theme from Thomas & Friends - Season 1-2 can be heard when Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Wilbert and Diesel 10 go after Diesel 11.
  • When Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Wilbert and Diesel 10 go after Diesel 11, Diesel 10's claw is holding a moth and when Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Wilbert and Diesel 10 find Diesel 11 on the collasping viaduct, the moth is gone from Diesel 10's claw.


  • Thomas We Love You
  • Little Engines
  • Patience Is A Virtue
  • Engine Roll Call

Delected Scenes

  • Diesel 11 and Alfred tell George not to squish the muddy pool.
  • Sixteen collects two coal cars and George tells him about the magic buffers.
  • Plankton emerges from the magic buffers shortly - only to land on top of Diesel 11!
  • Diesel 11 and Alfred are pushed into the crumbling bridge by Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Wilbert and Diesel 10. The crumbling bridge sequence is familiar, with both Diesel 11 and Plankton facing their endgames.
  • Diesel 11 and Alfred fall down the broken bridge and into the ravine.

See Also


Diesel 11 and Alfred's Fates

  • Thomas: Let's push Diesel 11 off the viaduct.
  • Duck: Diesel 11's evil plan has come to an end!
  • Diesel 10: Ready?
  • Oliver: This is the end of you, Diesel 11!
  • Wilbert: Yeah! (they push Diesel 11)
  • Diesel 11: What's going on? No, no, no , no!
  • Thomas (as Narrator): With our loud angry whistles, Me, Duck, Diesel 10, Oliver and Wilbert pushed Diesel 11 right off the bridge.
  • Diesel 11: (screams) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • Thomas (as Narrator): A loud scream escaped from him, as he fell down the water. Suddenly, his scream was cut short by a tremendous smashing sound as he hit the ravine hard. The sound of bit and pieces breaking and flying followed, and the noise died down to silence.
  • Thomas: Let's get Alfred!
  • Diesel 10: Yeah. Ready, set go!
  • Thomas (as Narrator): Me and my friends pushed Alfred over the edge of the broken bridge, and Alfred fell down the broken bridge.
  • Alfred: (screaming) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
  • Thomas (as Narrator): Me, Duck, Oliver, Wilbert and Diesel laughed as a loud scream escaped from Alfred, as he fell down the ravine where Diesel 11 plunged into. Then suddenly, his scream was cut short by a tremendous smashing sound as he hit the ravine hard with a loud crash. The sound of bit and pieces breaking and flying followed, and the noise died down to silence. 
  • Thomas: Well done, guys! We've stopped Diesel 11 and Alfred! So we have to free Percy!


  • Thomas (as Narrator): So me and my friends went to free Percy. We pulled him out of Diesel 11's cage.
  • Thomas: Are you allright, Percy?
  • Percy: Yes, I am.
  • Duck: So let's go to have a party!
  • Diesel 10: Yeah!
  • Thomas (as Narrator): Meanwhile, BoCo and Edward saw a large crane lifting something. It was Diesel 11. He was wrecked. His paint was completely scratched all over, making him a ugly grey. His claw had completely come off, making him without his weapon. His windows had also been smashed. His eyes were closed. And his face was as red as James' red paint. BoCo and Edward chuckled.
  • BoCo: Well, well, well, it isn't Diesel 11.
  • Edward: He was taken to pieces.
  • Thomas (as Narrator): Diesel 11 was taken away by me. Later, BoCo and Edward saw another load. It was Alfred. His apple-green paint had been scratched and his front end was dented badly.
  • Edward: Well, well, well, it isn't Alfred.
  • BoCo: (laughs) His plans were backfired.
  • Thomas (as Narrator): They watched as Diesel 10 pulled Alfred away. Later, me, Duck, Oliver, Wilbert and Diesel 10 told Edward about Diesel 11's backfired plans.
  • Thomas: (cheekily) Edward, what happened to Diesel 11?
  • Edward: He had been punished by the Fat Controller, had his wheels taken away and was dumped into the rocky village near the beach somewhere in England. Alfred has been scrapped and was not coming back.
  • Duck: Yes, Edward.
  • Oliver: I love you, Edward.
  • Diesel 10: Me too.
  • Wilbert: You're a really useful engine, Thomas.
  • Thomas: Thank you!
  • Percy: I love you.
  • Thomas: I love you too, Percy.

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