The Warth of Diesel 11 has deleted scenes that didn't make to the final cut.

Deleted Scenes

(cut to Thomas, Duck, Percy, Oliver, Diesel 10 and Emily at Great Waterton)

  • Thomas: One of my favorite parts of a movie is that you get to see all footage of the movie not in the movie.
  • Duck: I call them deleted scenes!
  • Diesel 10: Yeah, you guys.
  • Percy: Hooray!
  • Oliver: Let's go and see the deleted scenes of the movie!
  • Emily: That's right!
  • Thomas: Yeah, my girlfriend. Let's watch!

Deleted Scene 1: Cecil's Death Scene

  • Duck: They first cut out Cecil's death scene, because that's too voilent for children. (cut to Cecil arriving at the edge of a cliff, where Diesel 11 is there)
  • Diesel 11: Bye Cecil! (he pushes Cecil off the cliff)
  • Cecil: (screaming) AAAAAGH!!
  • Thomas (as Narrator): Cecil fell off the cliff, and landed on the ravine below. (Cecil lands on the ravine and blows up)
  • Diesel 11: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (cut back to the yards)
  • Thomas: That scene is too voilent for children, you guys.

Deleted Scene 2: Sixteen's Death Scene

  • Thomas: They also cut out Sixteen's death scene, because that's too voilent for children (cut to Sixteen puffing along the line)
  • Thomas (as Narrator): Sixteen saw a broken bridge.
  • Sixteen: NOO!!
  • Thomas (as Narrator): And he fell straight off the bridge.
  • Thomas (as Narrator): A loud scream escaped from Sixteen as he fell down toward the ravine. (cut to black, crashing sound effect) Suddenly, his scream was cut short by a tremendous smashing sound as he hit the ravine hard. (fade in to Sixteen's remains at the ravine) Sixteen was smashed into bits and pieces. (cut back to the yards)
  • Thomas: That scene is too voilent for children just like the other scene, you guys.
  • Duck: Yes, It is.

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