The Weakest Link: Fantasy Edition is a mini fantasy crossover page consisting of characters from various shows competing on The Weakest Link. Hosted by Anne Robinson.



  • The date of the game will be November 26th.
  • The voice-over dude from "The Weakest Link" will be inaudible to the contestants at all times, even during the voting off process.


  • Anne Robinson

Contestants On The Team

  1. Homer Simpson
  2. Timmy Turner
  3. Eddward Marion
  4. Lisa Simpson
  5. Bubbles Turner
  6. Kevin Shovelchin
  7. Bart Simpson
  8. Rudy Tabootie

Contestants Voted Off After Each Round (in order)

  1. Homer Simpson
  2. Bubbles Turner
  3. Bart Simpson
  4. Kevin Shovelchin
  5. Timmy Turner
  6. Rudy Tabootie

Finalists (Head To Head / Sudden Death)

  1. Lisa Simpson
  2. Edd Marion

Game Winner (Strongest Link)

  • Lisa Simpson

Game Rules (Standard Play)

  • The aim is to create a chain of 8 correct answers to reach their $125,000 target within the time limit (question bed). If a contestant on the team gets his/her question wrong, the contestant on the team will break the chain, lose all the money in that chain and start a whole new chain. But in the middle of the chain if a contestant says the word "bank" before his/her question is asked, the money is safe, but however, the team will start a brand new chain. Only money that had been banked in a round can be carried over to the next round (doubled after the last round in Standard Gameplay)

Game Rules (Voting Off The Weakest Link Round-By-Round)

  • After time runs out in a question bed in a round, the team begins to vote off who they think is the Weakest Link (worst player of a round). For example, the STRONGEST Link in a round is the contestant on the team who answers all (or)most of his/her questions correctly and/or banks the most money for the team. The WEAKEST Link in a round is the contestant on the team who answered the most questions wrong and/or failed to bank any money for the team. But the team NEVER knows who is the worst player. The weakest link of a round tries not to make the team notice if he/she is the worst player, because it i the VOTES that count. Sometimes the STRONGEST link gets voted off by accident. If the worst player (the weakest link from the previous round) survives the votes, he/she tries to redeem him/herself to become the Strongest Link in the next round. The one voted off takes the Walk Of Shame.

Game Rules (Head To Head)

  • The last 2 contestants whom worked as a team in the previous rounds play AGAINST each other head to head to try and win the total money the team banked in the previous rounds. The 2 contestants have to answer the best of 5 alternating questions correctly to win the game. The winner leaves with the money, and the loser of the Head To Head round goes home with nothing.

Game Rules (Sudden Death)

  • If the score is tied in the Head To Head round, Sudden Death would be necessary. A contestant is asked a question. If he/she gets his/her question wrong, and the other contestant gets his/her question correct, The other contestant will win the game. If the contestant gets his/her question correct, then the other question would have to answer his/her question to remain in the game and keep the game going.

Total Of Money Banked From The Previous Rounds (Prize Money)

  • $188,500 (won by Lisa Simpson)


Quote 1

  • (wiki-special opens inside a local diner close to the Weakest Link Studio, with Timmy, Bubbles, Homer, Marge, Maggie Simpson, Barttercup, Kevin, Rudy, Penny, Lisa, and Colin eating dinner*
  • Timmy: *after he takes a bite of his pot-roast* Oh,man, this is the greatest pot roast I've ever eaten in my whole life!
  • Lisa (after drinking her iced tea): Mmmmm...this iced tea sure perks me up! And this diner sure makes a MEAN omelette! *takes a bite of her spinach omelette*
  • Bart (with his mouthful): *after eating a huge bite of his sirloin steak* Oh my God! I've never had steak THIS awesome!
  • Marge: *gasps* Bart?! Don't talk with your mouthful and I insist you wash that down with your diet soda IMMEDIATELY, mister!
  • Bart (with his mouthful): But Mom I want to taste more of it!
  • Marge (angrily): No, Bart! You'll wash it down RIGHT NOW!
  • Bart (with his mouthful): *groans, and drinks his diet soda to wash his food down so he doesn't choke, then gives out a loud belch*
  • Marge: Bart?!
  • Bart (rudely): Sheesh, I'm sorry, Mom! I wanted to taste more flavor of the precious steak.
  • Marge: First all, You will choke if you keep too much in your mouth, and second, I'd lose that attitude if I were you, Bartholomew!
  • Buttercup (whispering to Bart): Hon, I wouldn't push Marge's buttons if I were you, hon. So I'd listen to her if I were you for your sake.
  • Bart: Sorry, Butter-babe.
  • Homer (after drinking Duff Beer): I really hope I win this game, Marge! I am so smart! I need the money to buy my new car so I can sell my old car so Bart can go to college.
  • Marge: I doubt it, Homie. First of all, you have a low IQ, second, you won't beat tough smarter contestants like our Lisa, Edd, and Rudy, and that you'd get voted off at the earliest, and third, Bart don't need college because he is married to Buttercup, and he is one of the members of the World Champion, Team Fastex in NASCAR. (in reference to the "NASCAR 2000 Fantasy Edition" wiki-series) So therefore, Bart already has a high-paying job, thanks to Mr. Fassler, and there is no-need to sell your car for his so-called college scholarship when he is already a NASCAR driver. *Maggie sucks pacifier in agreement*
  • Homer: *groans* Why does Maggie have to agree?!
  • Marge: Because she knows that you are a low-IQued person, thinks you're better than everybody, and that you are a greedy, money-grubbing, beer guzzling man.
  • Homer: *groans*
  • Marge: And by the way Homie, if you were to win, you'd win a WHOLE supply of Duff beer!
  • Homer: Ooh! Really, Marge?
  • Marge: No.
  • Homer: D'oh! *takes a bite of his pork-chops*
  • Bubbles: *after taking a bite of strawberry filled pancakes* Yummy! Are you excited about being on "The Weakest Link" too, Timmy?!
  • Timmy: You bet and plus Bubs I can't see why Edd and Jackie couldn't have dinner with us before the show this evening. *distraught but sad sigh*
  • Rudy: *after drinking his diet soda* That's because Edd and Jackie had personal things to care of. Edd said he will still make it to the show this evening beginning from 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm. He didn't want to tell us though. *takes a bite of his salmon*
  • Penny: Because Edd and Jackie wanted their personal situation to be confidential, and it is their business.
  • Timmy: Yeah, and Ed is too busy watching the "Curse Of Evil Tim" Marathon, so he couldn't join us this evening, in which I am glad, so he wouldn't be blurting out his stupid quotes and disrupting the game.
  • Kevin: *after taking a bite of his pot roast* I agree, Tim. I'm also glad Ed ain't comin'. But I am bummed that Double-D and Jackie couldn't chill with us at dinner tonight because of personal stuff. *depressed sigh* I even regret the times I called him "Double-Dweeb". *takes a drink of his diet soda*
  • Colin: Awwww, don't worry lad. Ye might have been harsh on the poor lad, but ye then realized when Edd was distancing himself from the evil Eddy and becoming closer to Jackie, and when Edd revealed to you that he turned on the evil, traitorous lad, because his soon, then-to-be-wife, Jackie revealed the REAL him in the hospital where he stayed after he was injured by Eddy, you then had a permanent change of heart for the lad, and he helped you and us win the NASCAR Winston Cup Series Team Championship, despite the loss of his older brother and our good friend, Eddwin.
  • Kevin: Thanks, Col. You made me feel so much better. I did regret pounding the poor boy/now married man on account of the traitor, Dorky. And I had gained full sympathy since I heard of his official turn on Dorky. (in reference to the "Mr. Conductor & Timmy Turner's Thomas Tales With Friends" episode, "Star-Spangled Ed") *scene fades into outside the hospital at night, then inside the room where Edd's father (in bed with leukemia), Edd, Jackie, and Evelyn were in, feeling sad and sorry for Edd's dad)

Quote 2

  • Dr. Hibbert: I'm very sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Marion, but there's just not enough money to pay for the research program to help the man. *Edd, Jackie, and Evelyn slowly gasp in horror and sadness* If the research money ain't in by tomorrow, I'm afraid we might just have to unfortunately shut down the research program.
  • walks away with his clipboard*
  • Edd's Father (weakly / sadly): If that's the default option, Doctor...I'll have to...accept it... *sad, sick sigh*
  • Edd (sadly): No, you just can't, Father! I lost my only brother, Eddwin in a NASCAR Busch Series accident this year, and I lost mother in a tragic traffic accident weeks before my first NASCAR race in the DAYTONA 500, and now I can't afford to lose you, Father! *sobs and sniffles*
  • Jackie (sadly / in tears): You're the BEST father, father-in-law AND grandfather WE (referring to herself, Edd and Evelyn) could EVER ask for! If you die, a part of US die too! *sniffles*
  • Edd's Father: I admire your kind, long story about me, but all I know is... *sad, sick sigh* I'm probably not gonna make it.
  • Evelyn (sadly): But Grandpa, you CAN'T die! There has gotta be some way to help Dr. Hibbert pay for his research to save you. *blows her nose into a tissue*
  • Edd (sadly / bravely): You know, Father. I am in "The Weakest Link" tonight, and I will make it my GOAL to win the game for you and help the team bank the most money, and I will try my best to stay off elimination from the game.
  • Jackie (in tears / having faith in Edd / calmly): And Edd is ALWAYS dedicated to give it his all in what's right and important to him to succeed! And you being his father, he WILL give it his all!
  • Edd (calmly to Jackie and Evelyn): Thank you, Jackie and Evelyn, I'm PROUD to have you both as the WONDERFUL family members you both are. Tonight, we win this....for father.
  • Jackie and Evelyn (in tears): *heartfelt, tearful gasps and hugs and kisses Edd* *scene fades into "The Weakest Link" studios where the show begins*
  • Voice-Over Dude (voice only): *in unison, "The Weakest Link Intro Theme" plays in the background"* Here are the 8 contestants that will take part in tonight's show. One of them could walk away with up to $1,000,000. The rest will leave with nothing. As round-by-round, they are voted off as.... the Weakest Link. *"The Weakest Link Intro Theme" continues to play until Anne Robinson is shown*
  • Anne Robinson (host): Welcome to.... the WEAKEST LINK! *music cue plays* Any of the 8 people here in the studio here tonight could win in up to $1,000,000. They don't know each other however, but if they want to win that money, they'll have to work as a team. But 7 of them will leave with nothing. As round-by-round, we eliminate the player voted the Weakest Link. Let's meet.... the team! *music cue plays* *the contestants' podiums are shown*

Quote 3

Quote 4

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Quote 11

Quote 12

  • (time runs out after Question Bed with Anne Robinson in mid-question)
  • Anne Robinson (host): Time is up, I cannot complete the question. And in that round, team, you managed to bank $8,500. That money will go through the next round, and one of you most certainly will NOT. One of you is about to leave with nothing in this final vote. It's time to vote off..... the Weakest Link. *voting music plays*
  • Voice-Over Dude (voice only): In this round, Lisa Simpson became the strongest link. She got most of her questions correctly and banked the most money for the team. The weakest link for the 2nd round in a row was Rudy. He got most of HIS questions wrong. Will he survive another vote? *voting ends*
  • Anne Robinson (host): Alright, voting over. It's time to reveal who you think is the Weakest Link. *revealing begins*
  • Edd: *presses button with his vote* Rudy. *camera rolls to Lisa's podium*
  • Lisa: *presses button with her vote* Double-D.
  • Edd (in his thoughts): Oh no, Lisa voted for me! Please Rudy, save Me! Please don't say "Double-D!" Please don't say, "Double-D"! *scene cuts to Jackie and Evelyn in the audience*
  • Jackie (in her head): No, Please! Not now! Not now! Please don't vote my baby (referring to Edd) off, Rudy! My baby's father's life's at stake! *scene cuts to Rudy's podium*
  • Rudy: *presses button with his vote* Lisa.
  • Edd: *sighs in relief, and Jackie and Evelyn do as well in the audience* *revealing ends*
  • Anne Robinson (host): We have a 3-way tie, team. Double-D?
  • Edd: Yes, Anne?
  • Anne Robinson (host): Why Rudy?
  • Edd: Because Rudy got the most questions wrong, and I believe that he was the one who flunked in the last 2 rounds as well, and I had to cast him my vote off the show.
  • Anne Robinson (host): Rudy? Why Lisa?
  • Rudy: Because I am afraid that if I vote Edd off, Lisa would have a better chance at beating me in the final round, so I had to try and make the battle a tad easier for me if I make it to the final round.
  • Anne Robinson (host): So you never wanted Lisa to know that she was the much stronger link than Double-D? She became your rival?
  • Rudy: I don't know, Anne.
  • Anne Robinson (host): I see the look in your eyes, and they tell it all. *audience laughs and fades into silence* Double-D? You might be right that Rudy was the worst player last round, but since the vote is tied. The STRONGEST link from the last round makes the choice on who to eliminate, and the strongest link from the last round... was LISA. *Edd gasps in horror in his thoughts* *scene cuts to Jackie and Evelyn in the audience*
  • Jackie (in her head): *gasps in horror* *scene cuts back to the game*
  • Anne Robinson (host): Lisa?
  • Lisa: Yes, Anne?
  • Anne Robinson (host): Since you are the strongest link from the last round, you make the choice on who to rid of. Would you like to get rid of Rudy..... or Double-D? *Edd gasps in horror in his thoughts and begins to shudder in fear*
  • Lisa: I have made my full decision, Anne. I will get rid of.....
  • Edd (in his thoughts): Please don't say my name, Lisa! My father needs to live! Please don't stay with your vote! Please, Lisa! Please! Don't vote me off! *scene cuts to the audience*
  • Jackie (in her head / scared): No, please! Not now! Not now! Please don't say, "Double-D"! Please don't say "Double-D"! Please not my baby! His father needs him! *scene cuts to Edd face as Edd shivers in fear*
  • Lisa: ..... RUDY.
  • Edd (in his thoughts): *sighs in HUGE relief and so does Jackie and Evelyn* What a nail-biter! What a nightmare! Bless you so much, Lisa! *scene cuts to the game*
  • Anne Robinson (host): And why change your vote to Rudy?
  • Lisa: Because I suddenly found out he got the most questions wrong last round and the round prior, and plus he wanted me off the show so he don't want me to beat him in the last round showdown.
  • Anne Robinson (host): Ohhh.... so she found you out, eh Rudy? *audience laughs and fades into silence* Why? Because.... you WERE the worst player.... for 2 consecutive rounds. So Rudy Tabootie, the one who wanted to vote his"rival" off the show, but came up short. *audience laughs and fades into silence* With 2 votes, you ARE the Weakest Link! Goodbye! *"Walk Of Shame" plays in the background as Rudy exits and continues during his elimination interview as the scene cuts to the interview*
  • Rudy: I couldn't believe it. I just had it in the bag until Edd decided to just... rat me out and give Lisa second thoughts of her vote. Well she caught me, and she caught me GOOD. Well, guess Edd saved himself, and I'll just have see which one of my friends get the moola. *scene cuts to the studio and "Walk Of Shame" ends, and switches to the regular game music*
  • Anne Robinson (host): Round 8, team. So far you had banked $179,500 out of a possible $750,000. There are 2 of you left. Lisa and Double-D. You will have 90 seconds, BUT... whatever you bank in this round will be doubled and added to your total to make up the grand prize money. So a quarter of a million dollars is at stake.We'll start with the strongest link from the last round... that's you Lisa. Let's play, the Weakest Link! *music introduces the last Question Bed round music"* Start the clock. *"Timer displays and ticks in beat of the Question Bed music"* Lisa, "Dig'em" is the mascot for which Kellogg's breakfast cereal?
  • Lisa: Sugar Smacks.
  • Anne Robinson (host): Correct. Double-D, What "A" is the super-highway in Germany with no speed limit?
  • Edd: *takes deep breath in thinking while struggling* A-A-Autobahn.
  • Anne Robinson (host): Correct. Lisa...
  • Lisa: Bank. *money on the ticker is saved and chain drops back to $1,000*
  • Anne Robinson (host): *gives Lisa her question, and in unison, scene cuts to Jackie (close-up of her face) in the audience*
  • Jackie (in her thoughts / in unison to gameplay): C'mon, Dubs! Don't give up! You still got it! Please don't fade, you were doing great all night long! Your father would be so proud of you! *scene cuts to the game*

Quote 13

  • Anne Robinson (host): *music cue plays* Welcome back.... to the WEAKEST LINK! *music cue plays* Lisa and Double-D, you have both made it to the final round. $188,500 is up for grabs, but only one of you would take that money home. So now, you will be playing AGAINST each other head-to-head. I'll ask alternating questions, best of 5. The one who answers the MOST questions correctly wins the game and the other leaves with nothing. If there is a tie after 5 questions, we go to Sudden Death until we have a winner. Let's play.... the Weakest Link. *music cue plays* Lisa, as the strongest link in the last round, you get to make the choice on who goes first.
  • Lisa: To play my strategies correct.... I will allow Double-D to go first.
  • Edd: *nervously gulps* *music cue plays, then "Penalty Shootout / Head-To-Head" theme begins playing in the background*

Quote 14

  • Anne Robinson (host): We have a tie. And now since the score is tied, we now go to Sudden Death. Lisa, since you were the Strongest Link from the last round, you will go first. If you get your question wrong, and Double-D gets his question correct, he will win. But, if you get your question right, Double-D would have to answer his question correctly to remain in the game. So $188,500 is at stake. Let's play.... SUDDEN DEATH! *music cue plays as Edd bulges is eyes in fear and nervousness in unison*
  • (after many questions answered correctly 8 consecutive times in a tough battle)
  • Anne Robinson (host): Lisa. Which short-lived U.S steam locomotive was one of the most largest unsuccessful steam locomotive in its history?
  • Lisa: *long pause as she thinks* Pennsylvania Railroad 6-4-4-6.
  • Anne Robinson (host): That is the correct answer. (to Edd) Double D. What special marathon in the U.S has always been a Fall tradition? *scene cuts to Jackie praying in the audience, then back to the game*
  • Edd (nervously): *long pause and thinks* (in his mind) Oh, no! I BARELY know this one! I am rarely into sports except NASCAR! I heard of this type of running event, but I have to guess the right way to word it! Fasther depends on me for this! (out loud) *takes deep breath and sighs* New York Marathon.
  • Anne Robinson (host): You are right..... but it's the New York CITY Marathon. *Edd gasps sadly and covers his face sadly, and the audience gasps, and Jackie and Evelyn gasp in HORROR* *music cue plays*
  • Anne Robinson (host): *scene cuts to Lisa cutely similing triumphantly* That means Lisa, you are tonight's Strongest Link, and you go away with $188,500. *scene cuts to a heartbroken, shattered Edd with his hands covering his face in despair* And Double-D.... you leave... with nothing. *scene cuts to the audience, and Jackie tears up, then Evelyn hugs her in grief and both sniffle sadly* *scene transition to Lisa's interview*

Quote 15

  • (in Edd's house that snowy night)


  • Edd tries playing "The Weakest Link" to win the game to save his father, who was battling for his life in the hospital against leukemia.
  • In the end, Lisa Simpson visits Edd and Jackie that night and kindly gives her prize money to them to help save Edd's father's life in the hospital.
  • Edd's father in this wiki-special is the same as Mark "Charger" McCutchen's father in the "NASCAR Racers" episode, "Always".
  • This wiki-game show is a special tribute in loving memory of legendary game show host, Monty Hall (1926-2017).

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