Mission 4: The Wedding

I apologize for any bad spelling/grammar/language etc. this was written by numerous people and may seem confusing.

Mission Script

Andre got changed quickly and left his quarters for the holodeck. Most of the crew were already there in dress uniform as was Bertus officiating as both Best Man and presiding Vicar. Andre went and sat down next to him. "Have you seen her today?" Andre asked Bertus. "No, but don't worry, she'll be here, the wedding isn't due to start for another 15 minutes!" Bertus encouraged him, Arka was playing the organ for the wedding, this was a typical Human wedding, no Klingon.

Kuvar Ju'To arrived on the Firebreather transporeter pad, the Transporter Chief was pushed out of the way as Kuvar charged towards the holodeck in a fit of anger.

Suddenly back in the Holodeck Arka started playing the bridal tune as Karina entered looking beautiful. Andre wiped a tear from his eye. Bertus stood up with Andre and moved to the front, Karina was being walked down the aisle by Lieutenant Victor Travan who when anyone looked in a funny way at him he said "I am not her father". Karina arrived at the front and Bertus began the ceremony.

Kuvar arrived outside the Holodeck and burst the doors open. "Stop!" he shouted. Karina whipped around "Kuvar?! What ar...GET OUT!" She shouted. "No!" Kuvar said. There were gasps as the Klingon walked up the aisle. "I can't let you marry human scum!" he barked in his deep grough klingon voice. "I'm human!" Karina pleaded "And i love Andre.". "But i still love you!" Kuvar shouted. Arka looked towards the congregation and nodded, 4 Officers stood up and grabbed hold of Kuvar. "Take him to the brig!" Andre ordered. "Now Bertus, please continue."

"Andre and Karina i now pronounce you Husband and Wife, you may kiss the bride." he smiled. Karina and Andre embraced and kissed. The congregation stood up and applauded, Nadia and Emily started to cry and hugged eachother.

Later in the crew lounge everyone was having a great time, dancing, drinking, laughing. "How does it feel?" Andre asked his new wife. "Feel what?" she replied. "To be Mrs. Rantonia?" he laughed. "I like it!" she said. They both laughed.

{an hour later, the party is about to start}

Bertus stood in the middle of the holodeck ballroom. "Okay, may I have your atention please? First I would like to do a toast. On the Happy Couple. Andre, When I first came on board here as your First officer I thought of you as a man of who is always right. That's why I never pockered with you." The whole room started laughing. "To the bride and groom." Everyone rases their glases. "To the bride and groom" they say. On earth it is costum for the married couple to open the party with a dance. So I would like to ask the happy couple to come forward and open the party."

Everyone was dancing, even Travan, with Sullivan. When hestopped he decided to speak to the Captain and his new wife. "Congratulations Sir" he commented.

"Thankyou" the Captain sipped his drink.

"And may i say good work on the good looking bird." he charmed.

"Hey, that's my wife your talking about!" they all laughed.

"Congratulations again!" Travan said and he walked away. He got a drink from the bar.

"Victor!" a shrill voice shouted,

"Great" he turned around, "Ensign Croyde!"

"Croyde Victor!? It's Kate and you know it is" the Ensign shot a look at SUllivan, "Why are you dating, this common tart!"

"Shut up!" Sullivan barked.

"God, your one of those Marines, well we Security can do are own work thanks! What Rank are you, i'll report you to the captain for two-timing!"

"Kate" Travan said "Could you keep your voice down, please ytour showing us up!"

"Keep my voice down! Keep my voice down! I won't have you dating a slutty mar..." she noticed the rank on Sullivans collar.

"Ensign, i advise you leave before you cause more trouble than you can handle, i'll assimilate you, BOO!"

Ensign Croyde ran out of the lounge as fast as she could!

wedding reception

  • sullivan was sitting down at a table with travan having a drink*

Sullivan: who the hell was that?

Travan: Kate croyde

Sullivan: shes seems out to cause trouble

Travan: believe me she is half the time it seems likes shes following me around

Sullivan: can't be pleasant

Travan: you bet it isn't

Sullivan: why did she?

Travan: come up like that?

Sullivan: yes

Travan: I haven't the faintest idea could have something to do with what seems to be her obsession about me

Sullivan: what are you going to do about it?

Travan: beat her to the captain if I can

Sullivan: well if i were you I would hurry about it I'm guessing I only scared her off for a short time

Travan: alright I better had *heads off towards rantonia*

What a day it had been. Married to a beautiful woman that he adored, and his best friend being there to see it as well as being his best man and XO. Tired and reluctant Andre finally took his new wife to bed, where who knows what happened.

In the morning Andre got up and made (well ordered from a replictor) Breakfast. Karina got up about half an hour later. "Oh Andre you didn't have to make breakfast." she said modestly. "To bad, i already did, and some for my wife." Andre said cheekily. "And whos your wife?" Karina laughed. "I can't remember" Andre sarcasticly teased Karina. "Neither can i" joked Karina. "OK, you need to get dressed and ready for work Ensign." "Yes Sir!" they laughed again. Karina got dressed and they both went to the bridge.

They arrived on the bridge to raptuous applause. Andre told them to calm down and get to work. He sat down in the center chair and looked to his right. "Another fine day for exploration don't you think Number 1." Andre asked Bertus "Yes Sir" the XO smiled. "OK people let's explore!"

End of Mission Notes

This was't exactly a mission just something to do but, hey it was fun!

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