The Well of Echoes is the second quartet in Ian Irvine's The Three Worlds Series.

Novel Sequence

The four novels of the Well of Echoes quartet are named as follows:


The Well of Echoes begins two hundred and seven years after the final scene of the View From the Mirror. The breaking of the Forbidding has changed Santhenar forever. Void beasts such as the thranx and lorrsk escaped the void when the Forbidding was finally broken, however they did not thrive. The lyrinx, large winged humanoids, however did thrive and have been at war with the Old humans for one hundred and fifty years.

The people of Santhenar are under the iron rule of the Council of Scrutators, who control the world. They are tested at young ages to detect if they posess any talents and then placed in a occupation that suits those skills. Everybody is expected to mate, to increase the rapidly decreasing population. Men who fail to follow the law of the scrutators are sent to the front lines of battle, while women are sent to breeding factories, places where women mate with men so as to produce off spring.

Main Characters

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