The White Female Pony is an animated film


The White Pony is a Female White Pony with Blue Eyes and Her Hair is Blue


  • Pauline Collins as The White Female Pony
  • Liz English as Girl Bird
  • Gabriel Damon as Boy Bird
  • Judith Barsi as Butterfly
  • Marilyn Schreffler as Girl Mouse
  • Christopher Daniel Barnes as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Jack Benny as Edgar the Detective Man
  • Billy Gilbert as Charlie the Wizard
  • Mel Blanc as Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • John Alderton as The Brown Male Pony
  • Johnny Weissmuller as Dr. Boskonovitch
  • Derek Griffiths as Narrator
  • Joe Ranft as Jimmy The Ghost and Hairy Scary
  • Richard Pryor as Tom the Snowman
  • Dick Van Dyke as Tim the Snowman
  • Leo Gorcey as Dr. Abel
  • Huntz Hall as Red Skull
  • Hank Azaria as Eddie Brock/Venom
  • Ed Sullivan as Ra's al Ghul
  • Colonel Sanders as Darth Vader
  • Guy Lombardo as Papu Papu
  • Harold Sakata as Dr. Neo Cortex
  • Jay Silverheels as Dr. Nitrus Brio
  • Xavier Cugat as Emperor Velo XXVII
  • Trini López as Koala King
  • Dick Clark as Dr. Doom
  • George Jessel as Darth Malgus
  • Al Jolson as The Hacker
  • Bob Hope as King Piccolo
  • Bing Crosby as The Leader
  • Paul Winchell as Gargamel and Dick Dastardly
  • Ken Murray as Dr. Nefario
  • George Stevens as Mr. Yama
  • Philip Dorn as Count Dracula
  • Roy Webb as Trumbipulor
  • Cedric Hardwicke as Eric "Odin" Hellstrom
  • Steve Brown as General Kar
  • Tommy Ivo as Mr. Doll
  • Oskar Homolka as Dr. Emmanuel Klipse
  • Robert Altman as Immortus
  • Frank Marshall as Abdul Alhazred
  • Bob Evans as High Evolutionary
  • Jimmy Nelson as Don Paolo
  • Hal Roach as Dr. Cossack
  • Stan Laurel as Hugo Strange
  • Oliver Hardy as Engineer
  • Al Hirschfeld as Merasmus
  • John Wood as Mandarin
  • Ham Kinsey as Mister Sinister
  • Jim Plunkett as Baraka
  • Jerry Lewis as Maestro
  • Matthew Cottle as Zartan
  • Peter Sellers as Harry Leland
  • Rand Brooks as Kamal
  • David Jason as Vandal Savage
  • Tony Curtis as Spider-Carnage
  • George Raft as Toyman
  • Ringo Starr as David Xanatos
  • Kenny Kingston as Hiroshi Sato
  • Jerry Orbach as Prometheus
  • Ed Wynn as Tinkerer
  • Elvis Presley as Radioactive Man
  • Norman Abbott as Mongul
  • John Wayne as Lt. General Leland Zevo
  • Hal Roach as Moses Magnum
  • Gregg Hoffman as Dr. Victor Frankenstein


Music By Mike Batt, Keith Hopwood and Malcolm Rowe (music from The BFG)

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