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  1. The Wiggles/Thomas
  2. The Wiggles/The Berenstain Bears
  3. The Wiggles/The Simpsons
  4. The Wiggles/Little Einsteins
  5. The Wiggles/TUGS
  6. The Wiggles/Toy Story
  7. The Wiggles/Winnie The Pooh
  8. The Wiggles/Teletubbies
  9. The Wiggles/LazyTown
  10. The Wiggles/Pokemon
  11. The Wiggles/Skylanders
  12. The Wiggles/Yo Gabba Gabba
  13. The Wiggles/Fresh Beat Band
  14. The Wiggles/Sonic
  15. The Wiggles/Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  16. The Wiggles/Alice In Wonderland
  17. The Wiggles/The Emperor`s New Groove
  18. The Wiggles/Garfield
  19. The Wiggles/A Bug`s Life
  20. The Wiggles/Monsters Inc
  21. The Wiggles/The Jungle Book
  22. The Wiggles/Jimmy Neutron
  23. The Wiggles/Fairly OddParents
  24. The Wiggles/Imagination Movers
  25. The Wiggles/Barney
  26. The Wiggles/Dora The Explorer
  27. The Wiggles/Blue's Clues
  28. The Wiggles/The Little Mermaid
  29. The Wiggles/Rocko's Modern Life
  30. The Wiggles/The Little Engine That Could
  31. The Wiggles/Postman Pat
  32. The Wiggles/Sonic
  33. The Wiggles/Bob The Builder
  34. The Wiggles/Arthur
  35. The Wiggles/Spongebob
  36. The Wiggles/Peppa Pig
  37. The Wiggles/Mickey Mouse
  38. The Wiggles/Phineas and Ferb
  39. The Wiggles/Futurama
  40. The Wiggles/Dragon Tales
  41. The Wiggles/Super Why
  42. The Wiggles/Snow White
  43. The Wiggles/Peter Pan
  44. The Wiggles/101 Dalmatians
  45. The Wiggles/Fireman Sam
  46. The Wiggles/Fat Pizza
  47. The Wiggles/Peep and the Big Wide World
  48. The Wiggles/The WotWots
  49. The Wiggles/Octonauts
  50. The Wiggles/Mega Man X
  51. The Wiggles/Kipper the Dog
  52. The Wiggles/Kidsongs
  53. The Wiggles/Beavis and Butthead
  54. The Wiggles/Pocahontas
  55. The Wiggles/tangled
  56. The Wiggles/64 Zoo Lane
  57. The Wiggles/Max and Ruby
  58. The Wiggles/Family Guy
  59. The Wiggles/George Shrinks
  60. The Wiggles/Toddworld
  61. The Wiggles/Pelswick
  62. The Wiggles/Caillou
  63. The Wiggles/Pajanimals
  64. The Wiggles/The Thief & The Cobbler
  65. The Wiggles/Recess
  66. The Wiggles/Angela Anaconda
  67. The Wiggles/Roary The Racing Car
  68. The Wiggles/Olly the Little White Van
  69. The Wiggles/Chuggington
  70. The Wiggles/Tractor Tom
  71. The Wiggles/Scooby Doo
  72. The Wiggles/Happy Feet
  73. The Wiggles/Rosie & Jim
  74. The Wiggles/Tots Tv
  75. The Wiggles/Fifi & The Flowertots
  76. The Wiggles/Bernard
  77. The Wiggles/Casper
  78. The Wiggles/Shrek
  79. The Wiggles/Little Charley Bear
  80. The Wiggles/Dr. Suess
  81. The Wiggles/Happy Monster Band
  82. The Wiggles/Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends
  83. The Wiggles/Olivia
  84. The Wiggles/Curious George
  85. The Wiggles/Jack's Big Music Show

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