AnimatedFan195's movie spoof of Paramount and Nickelodeon's 2002 animated film based on "The Wild Thornberrys", "The Wild Thornberrys Movie"


  • Eliza Thornberry - Robyn Starling (Tom and Jerry: The Movie)
  • Darwin Thornberry - Spike (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Nigel Thornberry - Flynn Rider (Tangled)
  • Marianne Thornberry - Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • Debbie Thornberry - Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron)
  • Donnie Thornberry - Cody (The Rescuers Down Under)
  • Cordelia Thornberry - Widow Tweed (The Fox and the Hound)
  • Sloan Blackburn - Hans (Frozen)
  • Bree Blackburn - Saleen (Aladdin (TV Series))
  • Akela the Cheetah - Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance)
  • Tally the Cheetah Cub - Oliver (Oliver & Company)
  • Phaedra the Elephant - Peaches (Ice Age: Continental Drift)
  • Col. Radcliffe Thornberry - Geppetto (Pinocchio)
  • Shaman Mnyambo - Kristoff (Frozen)
  • Sarah Wellington - Darla Dimple (Cats Don't Dance)
  • Boko - Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6)
  • Tally's Siblings - Marie and Berlioz (The Aristocats)
  • Jomo - Sultan (Aladdin)

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