The Witch Returns is the 13th, episode of Roc's Life (Series). It's release is on June 21st, 2013.


The witch returns to philidelphia only to find out Roc has took his beast form out of himself, she cast the same spell from when he was born. Roc must re-destroy his spell or else he'll stay a beast perminatly and forever.


Roc finds that the witch has returned to find Roc's spell off of him. Roc brings Rayah and Rafee to battle her. As they prepare for it the witch re-cast the spell on Roc. Roc has became a beast again. Rayah and Rafee send Roc to the hospital. Megatron says there's nothing he'll be able to do about his spell. Roc says if he does'nt get the spell off of him, he'll stay into his beast form perminatly wich meant forever. Megatron gives Roc a bottle of transfer dust. At home Roc battles the witch again, giving her a taste of the dust. The dust goes through the witch's body and disriminates her. Roc puts 3 sets of dust on himself. As Rayah and Rafee wait for the spell's removal they have a possible thought that the dust will never work. As the sun rise's nothing has happened. Roc then is ready to return to the dr's office. Before his return he transforms back into his regular self. Roc, Rayah and Rafee play a game of checkers.

By: Roc.


Big Show as Roc.

Puss in Boots as Beast Roc.

By: Roc.


Roc's dust has worked. If the dust accidently went on Rayah she would've turned into a toddler and it also would've took time for her to grow.

By: Roc.

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