The Wombles Movie Redub is A Daniel Pineda Productions's very first movie redub made by Daniel Pineda.


  • Orinoco
  • Bungo
  • Tomsk
  • Wellington
  • Great Uncle Bulgaria
  • Tobermory
  • Madame Cholet
  • Miss Adelaide
  • Alderney
  • Cairgorm McWomble the Terrible
  • Shansi
  • Stepney
  • Obidos

Major Characters


Like the TV series, Orinoco is the main character in the movie. Throughtout the film Orinoco tries to stop Robo-Womble's evil plan and save Wimbledon Common.


Bungo is Orinoco's best friend. In the movie, Bungo helps Orinoco to stop Robo-Womble and his sidekicks to destroy Magda and save Wimbledon Common.


Magda is a magical golden Womble that links the Womble world to the real world. She had a crash when Robo-Womble failed to destroy her. For many years, Magda had been with Paddington Bear in his burrow workshop unable to work. When Nellie came with oil, Magda soon move and she went to Wimbledon Common.


Robo-Womble is a evil and scary cyborg Womble with a cybernetic left ear and eye and a metallic robotic arm with a mechanical claw attachment. He has a bodies similar Cairgorm McWomble the Terrible. He return to find Magda (the magical Womble) and destroy her. In the end, the viaduct collapsed and he fell into a garbage barge.

Twister and Bolt (Twisolt)

Twister and Bolt are Robo-Womble's sidekicks that both have body similar to McWomble the Terrible, just like Robo-Womble.

New Characters:

Nellie the Elephant

Nellie is an pink elephant who lives from Mandalay and loves Orinoco and the currant buns. She came to Wimbledon Common with his father, Paddington Bear were She met the Wombles and stop Robo-Womble.

Paddington Bear

Paddington is bear from the deepest, darkest Peru who likes marmalade. He was also Nellie's father. He's been keeping with the golden Womble (Magda) in his workshop at the burrow until the oil came and was able to make Magda moved again.


  • Daniel Pineda as Orinoco/Bungo
  • Jorge Escobar as Tomsk/Wellington/Great Uncle Bulgaria/TobermoryCairgorm McWomble the Terrible/Stepney/Obidos/Paddington Bear/Twister/Bolt
  • Guadalupe Pineda as Madame Cholet/Miss Adelaide/Alderney/Shansi/Nellie the Elephant/Magda
  • Vincent Pineda as Robo-Womble


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