Part 1

A Daniel Pineda Productions presents...

Daniel Pineda

Guadalupe Pineda

Jorge Escobar

Vincent Pineda


"The Wombles Movie Redub"

Starring Orinoco

With Bungo



Great Uncle Bulgaria


Madame Cholet

Miss Adelaide


Cairgorm MacWomble the Terrible




and Introducing

Nellie the Elephant


Twister and Bolt



Paddington Bear

Sound by Daniel Pineda

Assistant Directed by Jorge Escobar

Music Edited by Daniel Pineda

[chorus sings]

Chim chiminy chim chiminy

Chim chim Cheree.

Footages by Daniel Pineda and Jorge Escobar

Based on the Wombles by Elisabeth Beresford

[chorus sings]

A sweep is as lucky

as lucky can be.

Chim chiminy chim chiminy

Chim chim cheroo.

Narrated by Microsoft Sam

[chorus sings]

Good luck will rub off when

he shakes hands with you.

Chim chiminy chim chim

Written, Produced and Directed by Daniel Pineda

[chorus sings]

Cheree Chim cheroo.

[Nellie packed all the stuff in her trunks]

"Our story begins... Nellie packed her trunk, and says goodbye to the circus, Off she went with the trumpity trump, trump, trump, trump to the Wimbledon Common. ...and you know where the Wimbledon Common is..."

[The scene of the home of the Wombles begins to fades in]

Narrator: This is the home of the Wombles.

[Door open and The Wombles come out]

Narrator: Tomsk, Wellington, and Bungo are ready to start work.

[Great Uncle Bulgaria comes out]

Narrator: And here's great uncle Bulgaria. But there's someone missing,

[The three wombles, Tomsk, Wellington, and Bungo turn their heads]

Tomsk: "Huh?"

Wellington: "What?"

Bungo: "Hmm?"

[Then they turn their heads back at the camera]

Bungo: "That's funny."

Wellington: "Strange."

Tomsk: "Odd."

Great Uncle Bulgaria: "Where is Orinoco?"

[Orinoco comes out]

Narrator: There he is, Late as usual.

Orinoco: "Sorry, I was just having an extra forty winks."

Great Uncle Bulgaria: "You have to work extra hard today because of the strong winds, and don't forget to bring me a copy of "Today's Times" newspaper as soon as you find one. Now get to work"

Orinoco, Tomsk, Wellington and Bungo: "Yes, sir."

[The Wombles starts to work as Orinoco went to find "Today's Times" newspaper]

Orinoco: "Gosh, it's windy."

[Tomsk picks up the stuff]

Narrator: Tomsk is busy already.

[The wind blows as Orinoco holds his hat]

Orinoco: "Oh dear, It's windy, I'll hold my hat."

[Orinoco decides to sleep on the park seat]

Narrator: Orinoco was going to sleep.

[Orinoco climbs up the park seat but he suddenly saw a newspaper being blowned by the wind and he grabs it]

Orinoco: "Got it!"

[Orinoco puts a newspaper in the bag]

Orinoco: "I'll put in a bag."

[Then he climbs up the park seat]

Orinoco: "Now for a rest."

[But the big black umbrella suddenly appeared and closed to Orinoco and blowned away]

Orinoco: "Woah! Please! Oh dear. No! Stop! Stop! I feel seasick!"

[Orinoco decides to open the umbrella]

Orinoco: "I know, I can open it. There, That's it."

[The winds make Orinoco and the umbrella blown away high up in the sky]

Orinoco: "Help! Help! Come back! Come back! Come back"

[Orinoco lets go of the umbrella and fall with bag]

Orinoco: "Where am I going?!?"

[Great Uncle Bulgaria comes out and see what time it is]

Great Uncle Bulgaria: "Hmm. Nearly mealtime. I hope one of my Wombles has found the copy of the Times. Where are they all?"

[Orinoco gently fell onto the ground]

Great Uncle Bulgaria: "Huh? What?"

[Great Uncle Bulgaria discovers a newspaper]

Great Uncle Bulgaria: "Oh! goodness gracious me! "Today's Times". Well done, Orinoco. You did get home quickly. You've must as run as fast as the winds"

Orinoco: "Faster?" [chuckles]

Great Uncle Bulgaria: "It will be mealtime in 10 minutes, Orinoco. You'll may have a double helping for working so fast" [chuckles]

[Great Uncle Bulgaria goes inside]

Orinoco: "Thank you. Well, I think it's time for forty winks then. It's been a very tiring morning."

[Orinoco grabs a bag as a pillow and went to sleep]

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