The Wonder Pets are starring in their all-new movie!


This feature-film weaves into three different parts.

Ming-Ming's story

While in space on a familar starship - the USS Sailberry (which looks like the Starship Enterprise from "Star Trek", with a sailboat with the berries on top.)'s captain and his crew noticed Ming-Ming would die in a meteor made entirely out of popcorn. They grabbed Ming-Ming and threw her into an escape pod, then she flew to a popcorn planet and then she wanted to live in that planet and was eaten by some popcorn-like creatures. Linny and Tuck came and the captain yelled to his crew "GET 'EM IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and the power got turned out. Everyone, except Tuck was scared of the dark, although the Captain's flashlight's batteries had died.

Tuck's story

In a Sumo match in Japan, a sushi chef came and dumped sushi from the plate to Tuck's hat. Tuck died after this.

Linny's story

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