A Bad Look Out for Godred is The 23rd episode of Season 4 of The Wonder Pets' Adventures of Thomas & Friends,


Spencer and Dennis are complaining more, and Linny reminds them of the mistake Godred made and tells them the story about it.

Featured Charaters

  • Duck
  • Sir Handel
  • Spencer
  • Dennis
  • Culdee
  • Godred
  • Wilfred (cameo)
  • Alaric (cameo)
  • Eric (cameo)
  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Linny
  • Tuck
  • Ming Ming
  • Sir Topham Hatt


  • Narrator: Michael Brandon.
  • During a scene Godred crashes off the tracks, rolls backwards down the mountain and tumbles down the cliff to his doom, Percy's Season 3 Accident theme is heard.
  • When Godred falls down the mountain, the crash sound was also heard in "Horrid Lorry".


  • Linny (narrating): One day, Culdee was going up and waited at the station for Godred to pass him. As he waited, so, it happened. Godred was still not paying any attention from me and his crew.
  • Godred's Driver: Look out!
  • Linny (narrating): Yelled his driver.
  • Linny: There's something coming by!
  • Godred: Pah! Who cares?!
  • Linny (narrating): He snapped furiously. But it was too late.
  • (Godred derails and rolls backwards towards a mountain cliff and tumbles down it. We hear a crashing sound, as the coach is braked to a stop)
  • Linny (narrating): We jumped clear as he rolled over. Both of them weren't hurt. His coach luckily stayed on the rails and the conductor braked her to a stop. (at the Culdee Fell yards) Sir Topham Hatt spoke to the engines.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: We can't afford to mend Godred.
  • Linny: (narrating): He said sadly.
  • Godred: Yes sir.
  • Linny (narrating): Culdee sighed sadly.

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