The Wonder Pets The Movie is an children's photo-animated American fantasy adventure film. This was released in theaters in September 12, 1992. It was later released on VHS in December 2, 1992. This movie was produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Nickelodeon Movkes and Little Airplane Productions. Th is was the first photo-puppetery animated film to be released in the Disney Renesiance.


The film starts with a Guiana pig named Linny rowing a boat, only to bump into a sea turtle named Tuck. Tuck reveals that he likes water. And the two pets row the boat to save a snake from being tangled by a jump rope. And they do so. They next go to play their favorite game "Super Mario Bros".

Later, a duckling named Ming Ming and her best friend Steven Cat are looking at their books. They walk down the hill, only to find a shark, who wants Ming Ming's book, and nearly ears it all, till Ming Ming steals it back. Then suddenly, the group of sharks begin to surround her till Linny and Tuck save her from being eaten. They make it through an island. They save an black dog from falling off a dead end,came call themselves the Wonder Pets. Ming Ming leads Linny and Tuck back to the explorers' camp, where both Steven and Jim the Bunny take great interest in them — the former in terms of scientific progress while the latter hoping to have the three lead them to the animals so that they can save them and return them to their families. Despite Jim's warnings to be wary of the monsters, the Wonder Pets continue to return to the camp and be taught by Jim and Steven to speak British and learn of the world, and Tuck and Ming Ming begin to fall in love. However, they are having a hard time convincing Linny to lead her to the gorillas, due to Linny's fear for their safety from the threat of Kerchak the Gorilla

The rest will be finished.

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