[A scene in Olive Hill, the moon goes down and the sun comes up at the end of the background]

  • Basketball: [hits Tobias] Look around.
  • Sewer Cap: Look down.
  • T.V.: Where looking around is from where.
  • Mr. Wally: Where from around here,
  • Leslie: Anywhere you like,
  • Teri: Everywhere you know....
  • Eggie: But we won't. [falls down]
  • Dolls: If we love this town in Olive Hill, it means we like to know what this town is all about!
  • ALL: What we think about Olive Hill, a place where we could have fun so be cool and groovy.
  • George: Citizens love adventure, citizens can be very brave.
  • Billboards: Like us...
  • Ditz: Citizens can be pretty funny. [Jack in a Box pops out]
  • Tulgey Wood creatures: We love this place.
  • Mr. Uppity: Or even worse don't break my cases or I'll kick you out!
  • Hundred Dollar Bill: People are worth then me.
  • Remote: Even if I'm gone...
  • Floppy Disc: I don't know why I'm here.
  • Floor: Open your mouth and have a laugh! [Harry falls down]
  • Faucet: I'm the brave and the best.
  • Brown's eyes: Even you watch out.
  • Bus Stop Sign: Watch where you going before you walk on the sidewalk.
  • Telephone: Or dial your phone again...
  • ALL: What we think about Olive Hill, it means what we know what it's about and so be groovy and cool! The AMAZING WORLD OF OLIVE HILL!!!!!!!

[[A scene that is similar to 2001: A Space Odyssey's opening plays, then it is revealed that the Moon and Earth are the ones singing. The Sun is irritated, because the Moon is "mooning"]

  • The Sun: Oh man. Do you have to do this every morning?
  • Moon: Yes I doooo! 'CUZ I CAAAAAAN!!!

[The Sun gets even more irritated]

[Cuts to scene, Tulgey Wood, A shovel Bird picks up the dirt and puts it to Ditz's wooden new house and a hammer bird flys to him.]

  • Hammer Bird: You know what? I don't even feel like doing things around here.
  • Shovel Bird: But you may know why how many times you've been tired about doing things.
  • Hammer Bird: I know but it feels like we could go to a movie or something?
  • Shovel Bird: I love too.

[Allen's room, the T.V. and lightbulb is seen in his room]

  • T.V.: Hey, if we could watch T.V., we could watch Comedy Central or Nick at Nite.
  • Remote: I know but which channel number was Nick at Nite?
  • T.V.: I don't know but perhaps channel 300? Let's check. RCA DirecTV, turn channels and see if Nick at Nite's on and tune in channel 300.
  • RCA DirecTV: OK, 299, 300, 301... got it! [Allen opens the door]
  • Allen: Guys, you shouldn't be talking or walking. But I thought you're some kind of a mascot from an restaurant or even a relative.
  • Lightbulb: Sorry.
  • Allen: That's okay, you guys. Let me watch Cartoon Network first and then I'll help you guys tell me what's wrong. [watches Tom and Jerry on T.V.]
  • T.V.: (smiles) I like watching channels on my stomach. It's makes me tickle.

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