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This is a temporary home for information about a small roleplaying campaign centered around The World Serpent Inn...

A brief primer

The World Serpent Inn.

One day you went out for a stroll.

You've been here ever since.

A simple exterior adorned only by a curious sign of a snake eating itself, it seemed like a normal inn when you entered for the first time. Wooden plank floor spread out beneath your feet, venerable wooden beams lining overhead. The common room was a large, rectangular chamber with two impressive flagstone fire places, one at each end. Great tables and oak chairs filled the space in between, where other patrons gathered around in groups to sit and chat.

A balcony with more tables, accessible via a spiral staircase in one corner, formed a partial second floor. There were no windows on either the ground floor or the balcony. Corridors led off from both floors of the common room into other areas of the inn.

When you finally decided to leave, you exited through the large doorway you entered from, only to discover yourself in a place completely different from where you were before. Quickly heading back inside, you learned the truth of the strange place.

Existing between time and space, the inn stretches out forever, connecting every plane and demi-plane in existence through its entryway. Occasionally, the inn will shift itself. While this causes no discernable change inside the common room, the location of the inn changes outside, leading to completely new locales.

The side corridors change, too. Sometimes you can find your room, sometimes you get something different. Often, you even find smaller portals into strange, alien planes.

But even if you wanted to, you've never found a way back.

Some rules:

Character generation

Characters start at level 6, with stats around 36 point buy, inclusive of the stat bonus at level 4, and I think 13,000 gold. See the chart for point buy details

  • Score Total Cost
    • 08 0
    • 09 1
    • 10 2
    • 11 3
    • 12 4
    • 13 5
    • 14 6
    • 15 8
    • 16 10
    • 17 13
    • 18 16
    • 19 20
    • 20 24
    • .. ..

Characters can be made from any class or race found on the website [[1]]

There's some especially interesting classes found at [[2]] feel free to check them out :)

Change to level adjustment: Each level adjustment level, instead of providing nothing for your character but an increased character level, now give extra hit dice with 1d4+con hp, 2+int skill points, and poor BAB like a wizard.

A temporary home for new characters


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