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The Accel Method strikes again


Ash: I know you can do this May, just trust yourself.


May: Ash is right. I can do this.

(warp synchro)

Max: Where did she go?

Brock: What just happened?

Thug 1: What was that?

(warp flash)


Trudge: What is that Pokemon?

Max: The Pokedex doesn't recognise this one.

Ash: Wait a sec.


Vizor: Now step out of the shadows and into the light. Go Accel Synchro!

Ash: AAAAAAAaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Ash: I don't know how but May just mastered the trick Vizor pulled.

May: Go Blazedra, take down Kingdra with Dragon Barrage!

Trudge: Whoa. You did good Kingdra, return. Good job May, you passed the test.

Sherry: It seems all the pieces are gathering on the board.

Ash: So May, how are feeling to be a real Turbo Trainer.

May: Just great.

(Ylliaster HQ)

Luccanio: And another circuit lights up.

Jose: Excellent. Now for its main target. The Poke Racing Grand Prix.

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