The World of Animator is a TV series in the World Staring Iain Lauchlan, Sarah Davison, Justin Fletcher, Katie Stevens and Dave Benson Phillips


Series 1

SuperTed, The Family Ness, Henry's Cat, Stoppit and Tidyup, Fieman Sam and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

  1. Spotty and the Indians
  2. Elspeth and Angus Meet The Loch Ness Monster
  3. The Moon Trip
  4. Beequiet and Beehave
  5. The Kite
  6. Thomas, Percy and The Coal and Cows!

Series 2

Joshua Jones, James the Cat, Willo the Wisp, The Flumps, The Clangers, Bump, Trumpton, Little Red Tractor Stories, The Shoe People and The Telebugs

  1. Horseplay
  2. The Big Top
  3. The Thoughts of Moog
  4. The Cloud
  5. Fishing
  6. Bump's Loud Song
  7. The Greenhouse
  8. Little Red Tractor to the Rescue
  9. Fools for Fitness
  10. The Lake

Series 3

Mr Men, Bertha, Trapdoor, Paddington Bear, The Magic Roundabout, Camberwick Green, The Wombles, Roobarb, The Herbs and Funnybones

  1. Mr. Snow
  2. The Flying Bear
  3. Slither, Wriggle and Writhe
  4. Please Look After This Bear
  5. The Magic Carpet
  6. Orinoco and the Big Black Umbrella
  7. Captain Snort
  8. When Roobarb Was Cheating
  9. Parsley at a Loose End
  10. Bumps in the Night

Series 4

Brum, Noddy, The Raggy Dolls, Charlie Chalk, Gran, Postman Pat, Tugs and The Wombles

  • Brum and the Big Chase
  • Noddy and the Golden Tree
  • In Days of Old
  • The Mountain That Moaned
  • Gran's a Goalie
  • Postman Pat Follows a Trail
  • Lord Stinker Saves the Day
  • Orinoco Sees The Light

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