• Sonic as Thomas
  • Mario as Edward
  • Wallace as Henry
  • Donkey Kong as Gordon
  • Rabbit as James
  • Tails as Percy
  • Toadworth as Toby
  • Pooh as Duck
  • Piglet as Oliver
  • Sally Acorn as Emily
  • Captain Hook as Diesel
  • Rodd & Todd as Bill & Ben
  • Big Bird as Stepney
  • Thomas & Percy as Donald & Douglas
  • Amelia & Abagial as Annie & Clarabel
  • Roger as BoCo
  • Charlie Brown as Charlie
  • Thomas O'Malley as Hank
  • Elmo as Bertie
  • Sammy Sailor as Salty
  • Sally as Madge
  • Martha Monkey as Daisy
  • Daisy as Mavis
  • Hercules as Harvey
  • John Darling as Whiff
  • Eeyore as Neville
  • Bowser as Diesel 10
  • Alvin & the Chipmunks as Skarloey, Sir Handel & Peter Sam
  • Wendy Darling as Caroline
  • Dinko the Dog as Dalmation
  • King Triton as Murdoch
  • Queen Athena as Molly
  • Dr. Robotnik as Spencer
  • Amy Rose as Rosie
  • Funnybones as Splatter, Dodge and D261
  • Miss Piggy as Elizabeth
  • The Clangers & The Rugrats as The Narrow Guage Engines
  • Nibs as Rusty
  • Cubby as Duke
  • Tinkerbell as Lady
  • Eek Stravaganza as TFC's Cat
  • Tootles as Fearless Freddie
  • Shere Khan as Bulgy
  • Kaa as George

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