(The AnimatedFan195 Productions logo takes place in space where Wreck-It Ralph crash-lands in Earth)

Hans: Two nights ago, set on radar detected an unidentified object entering Earth's atmosphere.

(A close-up of Wreck-It Ralph appears with snow and thunder and lightning)

(Cody discovers the footprints)

Cody: Invaders from Mars!

(Cody prepares a search party to find out who walks on land)

Hans: Some assumed it was a large meteor, or a down satellite.

(Cody runs to find someone)

Hans: This is no meteor, gentlemen!

(Cody runs afraid)

Hans: This is something much more dangerous!

(Wreck-It Ralph sees Cody)

Cody: So, I guess you're not going to hurt me, huh?

(Wreck-It Ralph looks at Cody)

Cody: It's unbelieveable! This is the greatest discovery since television or something!

Cody: Hey, big tough guy! I got food here for ya!

(Wreck-It Ralph eats a car, but suddenly there's a beep)

Cody: My own giant wrecker! I'm now the luckiest kid in America!

(Wreck-It Ralph takes Cody to his home)

Cody: Banzai!

(Cody does a cannonball jump into the water)

Wreck-It Ralph: Banzai!

(Wreck-It Ralph does a cannonball jump into the water, but the waves turn big and flood the entire land)

(Hiro, Star, Marco, Pony Head, Dipper, Pacifica, Honey, Baymax, Wasabi and Fred see the wave and they duck into their newspapers)

Baymax: Oh no.

(Cody starts the car while Wreck-It Ralph takes Cody and the car for a spin)

Cody: All systems go! Blast off!

(Cody screams in the car while Wreck-It Ralph spins him with the car)

(Cody sees Hans at the door)

Hans: Hey there, scout! Hans Westerguard. I work for the government--

(Cody slams the door)

Hans: Now why would you tell your mom about a giant wrecking guy?

(GoGo and Hans come in to see Cody in the bathroom)

Cody: Mom!

GoGo Tomago: What?

Cody: A little privacy?!

GoGo Tomago: Sorry.

(The door slams on Hans' face)

Cody: What are you talking about?!


GoGo Tomago: For some reason, the army is in out front yard, Mr. Westerguard.

(The jet planes take off)

Hans: We must stop him at all costs!

(Wreck-It Ralph looks at how he knows)

Ford Pines: Go to Code Red! Repeat! Code Red!

(Wreck-It Ralph electrocutes himself with the wires)

Cody: We gotta help him!

(Cody goes to save Wreck-It Ralph)

GoGo Tomago: Cody, no!

(Wreck-It Ralph looks up)

Cody: We gotta hide!

(Hiro stops the army along with Star, Marco, Pony Head, Dipper, Pacifica, Honey, Baymax, Wasabi and Fred)

Hiro: Hey, stop! There's a kid in his hand!

Hans: You can't protect him, Cody.

(Wreck-It Ralph almost dies in a train accident)

(The army sees Cody and Wreck-It Ralph)

Cody: RUN!

(Wreck-It Ralph hides Cody in his hands while escaping the army)

Narrator: AnimatedFan195 Productions presents,

Wreck-It Ralph: Cody.

(Cody and Wreck-It Ralph escape from the jet planes)

Narrator: the story of a young boy

(Cody sees the bus)

Cody: Look out for the bus!

Wreck-It Ralph: Huh?

(Wreck-It Ralph knocks over the telephone wires)

(Cody and Wreck-It Ralph slide down a snowy cliff)

Narrator: and a giant wrecker from another world

(Wreck-It Ralph almost falls to his death but he is powered with flight)

Cody: You can fly?

(Wreck-It Ralph flies away, taking Cody with him)

Narrator: who became a hero on this one.

Cody: YOU CAN FLY!!!

Title: The Wreck-It Giant

Narrator: The Wreck-It Giant.

Tagline: Coming Soon to your computer Summer 2018.

(Cody and Wreck-It Ralph sigh in relief)

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