The Wuzzles: The Complete Series is the first DVD in the Disney Golden Collection made for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment in March 2014, each containing all thirteen episodes of the series.


Disc 1

  1. Bulls of a Feather

Disc 2


  • Released on March 18, 2014 by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.
  • Previews from Frozen are used.

Opening Previews

Disc 1

  1. Language Menu

Disc 2

  1. Language Menu

Cover Artwork

Front Cover

  • Hoppopotamus, Eleroo, Bumblelion, Butterbear, Moosel, Rhinokey, and Tycoon

Back Cover

  • Brat and Flizard

Cover Color

  • Light Red

Running Time

  • ??? Minutes


  • For the

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