A note that all events in the Imaginarica are purely fictional.

The Beginning

The X war was an international war which occured in the year 2081. The country of Britain wished to become a world power again. A group of scientist developed a mind control drug, called X-Lynon A. The government began to place amounts of this into worldwide water supplies. Other countries, tempted by promises of power, joined Britain.

The Union

The countries supporting Britain called themselves the "Union of Conquest" These countries were the Ukraine, Spain, Norway, Portugal, North Korea, Taiwan, Oman, Syria and Egypt. These contries were spared from the poisoning and were given positions of power in exchange for their help.

The Resistance

Several countries discovered the Union of Conquest's ploy through world intelligence. These countries joined to form a group called the Resistance. These countries were the U.S.A., Russia, China, Japan, Italy, France, Yemen, Iran and South Korea.

The Battle of Madrid

Troops from the U.S. and Italy were sent to Madrid, to destroy the X-Lynon A laboratory of Spain. U.C. soldiers were sent to drive them back. It was a very tough battle, but eventually a small squad of Resistance troops managed to break into the laboratories. They destroyed all samples and supplies of the drug, hacked into the main U.C. system and nearly managed to delete the original formula, but armed lab guard shot them down. When more Resistance troops arrived, they destroyed the laboratory.

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