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The Xal-Fettk Union is a fictional Faction in the online TBRPG, BZPRPG. Comprimised of bloodthirsty Bounty Hunters that will do anything to get their pay. The Xal-Fettk also engage in other activities, such as trade and theft.

The Xal-Fettk Union History

The Xal-Fettk Union was originally two different Bounty Hunting companies, the Fekkt Order led by Xa'Fa Lek, and the Xal Company led by Shraal. When Xa'Fa and Shraal met, the two decided to have a merger and they created the Xal-Fettk Union. Now, after becoming one of the best Bounty Hunter companies in Metru-Nui, the Xal-Fettk is looking for business in Terros-Nui.

Xal-Fettk Hiring Poster

Join the Xal-Fettk Union!

The Xal-Fettk is now hiring anyone in need of a job. Bounty Hunting license a must, highly skilled fighter prefered. Agent Shraal and Agent Xa'Fa will welcome people in any sort of criminal status, from outlaw to law-abiding citizen. Good pay, the Xal-Fettk only gets 5% of each Bounty. Weapons and Armour will be supplied, housing and food can be found at any of the two Bases located on Metru-Nui, one in Le-Metru, and one in Ko-Metru.

Please report to any Xal-Fettk base to sign up. Any attacks on the Xal-Fettk will be dealt with harshly. All Xal-Fettk members may be employed by ANYONE. Xal-Fettk speacialize in Bounty Hunting but will be hire as:

-And Many More Jobs

This message puplished by the Xal-Fettk Union.


The Tainted (Deceased)
Xa'Fa Lek (Deceased)
Faalk (Deceased)
Agent 0 (Deceased)
Agent X (Deceased)
Agent _ (Deceased)
Loraska (Deceased)

Note: All Members of the Xal-Fettk adress each other with the title "Agent".


The Spire
The Hub

Xal-Fettk Tech

The lung
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Shekkian Mask Armor