The YTV Superstars' Greatest Hits is a CD idea made by Pikachufreak. Released in September 2016, this soundtrack has over twelve songs in the style of English and Spanish songs.


  1. Do The Ashman (sung by Ash Ketchum and the backup singers, in the style of Do The Bartman)
  2. Shaman's Back Alright (sung by The Shaman Boys, in the style of Backstreet's Back)
  3. We'll Be Mean Forever (sung by Lexi Bunny and her mean friends, in the style of Puedes Contar Conmigo)
  4. If I Was A Princess (sung by Alicia Parker, in the style of Rich Girl)
  5. Oh No, What We're Gonna Do (sung by Terry McGinnis, Al Valentine and Virgil Hawkins)
  6. Living La Vida Mitchie (sung by Ozzy Jones and Drix Koldriliff, in the style of Living La Vida Loca and Living La Vida Mickey)
  7. I Love My Cat (sung by Susie Feeble and Misty Waterflower, in the style of I Love My Duck)
  8. The Kane-Rockwell Song (sung by Julie and Lola Kane, with Uncle Benny Rockwell and George Radcliffe as Bulgaria and Tobemory, in the style of The Wombling Song)
  9. Troublesome Bees (sung by The Thug Dolls, in the style of Troublesome Trucks)
  10. The New and Improved Hamster Song (sung by Donkey Kong)
  11. I Love To See You Smile (sung by Penn Zero and Hope Roberts)
  12. We're All In This Together (sung by the whole cast)


  • Release Date: September 27, 2016.
  • Distributed by Rhino Records.


Do The Ashman

Shaman's Back Alright

We'll Be Mean Forever

If I Was A Princess

Oh No, What We're Gonna Do

Living La Vida Mitchie

I Love My Cat

The Kane-Rockwell Song

Troublesome Bees

The New and Improved Hamster Song

I Love To See You Smile

We're All In This Together

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