A short story series featuring Crystal Lion, Hudzon Hawk, Skye Sharpe, Megami, Lord of Ice and Twilly the moglin. This series contains many of their crazy antics. TYA is the first series released and is very popular. It takes place during the fictional version of the Middle Ages.

There is a term in the fandom known as 'The original five'. This refers to Hudzon, Crystal, Ice, Meg and Skye. Many readers don't include Twilly as an official member of TYA.


The characters' personalities are very distinct and one can identify which character is which from their descriptions. They often face danger, but usually get out of trouble safely more or less.

Crystal Lion is a Lion furry princess who is also a werewolf. She is surprisingly pretty for a beast. Her hair and eyes are completely black. She is the youngest in the group. She managed to snare Guardian Patrick's heart during her first year in Battleon. Strange? Perhaps not. She is a romantic girl.

Hudzon Hawk is a happy go lucky zombie Werepyre. He likes to play tricks on people. Personally he fancies that Crystal is very serious. Some think he is chivalrous in trying to cheer Crystal up.

Skye Sharpe is a stuck up vampire who thinks he's the best thing to walk in Lore. His friendship with Crystal is somewhat sincere, but he rarely shows it.

Lord of Ice is a giant amongst men, as he is a Dire Werewolf. His eyes are a light blue while his hair is pitch black and covers his right eye. He wears a modified Aerodu cloak with large sleeves. All of his armor is made to accommodate his height. He is seven feet tall at the beginning of TYA.

Twilly is a tiny moglin with a squeaky voice. He has hypnotic powers but later has to trade them off.

Megami is a dark skinned girl who likes pink clothes and Japanese culture.

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