Razoul-Razoul is the Captain of the Guard of Agrabah, voiced by Jim Cummings. Although unnamed onscreen in the first film, his name was revealed in the sequel (he was named after layout supervisor Rasoul Azadani). During Aladdin's life as a thief on the streets of Agrabah, Razoul became obsessed with capturing him, only for Aladdin to outsmart and escape him at nearly every turn. When Razoul finally succeeded in arresting Aladdin he knocked Jasmine to the ground, not recognizing her as the princess. When she revealed her true identity, he was shocked at seeing her outside the palace for the first time. When she ordered him to release Aladdin, he apologized and said that his orders came from Jafar. Even after Aladdin is accepted as Jasmine's husband-to-be, Razoul openly dislikes him, but nonetheless tolerates his presence in the palace. In the second film, Razoul arrested Aladdin for the murder of the Sultan and was very happy to follow what he believed were Jasmine's (actually a disguised Jafar), orders to have him executed, even going so far as to play the role of the executioner himself. During the TV series episode "Forget me Lots", when Jasmine lost her memory from the Rose of Forgetfulness, Razoul was more than happy to throw Aladdin, Iago, and Abu out of the palace and into the streets, thinking that the princess had rejected Aladdin. Razoul also admitted his opinion that Aladdin was a power hungry street rat in "Destiny on Fire" when he and Aladdin were forced to work together, though he also admitted that he would consider calling Aladdin "your highness" if he got rid of Iago. In the third film, Razoul arrested Cassim and Iago for trying to steal The Oracle, but Aladdin broke Cassim out. Distracted, Razoul arrested Aladdin again, but was knocked unconscious by Cassim. Though he tried to have Aladdin charged for this crime, Razoul's request was denied as the Sultan decided to overlook the matter since Aladdin only broke Cassim out of prison out of love and came back to face punishment for his actions.

Razoul shows no sympathy for lawbreakers, whether young, old, male or female, and appears to take pleasure from the authority he commands, although he does not have the same crazed lust for power as characters such as Jafar. When Aladdin was arrested for the alleged murder of the Sultan in The return of Jafar, Razoul was obviously pleased that Aladdin was finally in a cell, and certainly not fazed by the order to execute him. He seems to enjoy acts of violence and particularly killing, although he only commits them under orders, knowing of the consequences if he behaves otherwise. This was seen when he readily tried to drown Aladdin (in disguise as Prince Ali) in the ocean under Jafar's orders (although it can be assumed that Jafar actually tricked him into doing it). Despite their mutual dislike for each other, Razoul will not hesitate to save Aladdin's life if necessary, demonstrated in Mudder's Day when Aladdin is buried under a rockslide and Razoul is the first (and only) one to rush to his rescue, and in 'Secret of the Dagger Rock' Razoul and the guards are sent by the Sultan to find and rescue Aladdin, though Razoul mutters "risking our lives for a lousy street rat". in 'Destiny on Fire', Razoul stops Aladdin and his friends from going in the palace when they find it in ruins (Razoul had escaped as everyone turned into slugs) and later warms Aladdin that ones that look like the Captive Jasmine and Saltin is a trick and he will end up into a slug if he falls for it.

The evil queen-Fiercely beautiful, the Wicked Queen has reached an age where her radiance is fading. Insanely jealous of her lovely young stepdaughter, the Queen forces her to work as a scullery maid in the hope that drudgery will tarnish the girl's blossoming beauty. When the Magic Mirror reveals that Snow White has finally become "more fair than thee," she plots the girl's death in a rage so twisted that she's eventually willing to sacrifice her own beauty to destroy Snow White's. She uses witchcraft to transform herself into a hunchbacked old peddler and succeeds in persuading the naive girl to accept her poisoned apple. Unknowingly, however, she's wrought the means of her own demise. For, though her disguise serves the terrible deed, that same feeble body will hinder her escape.

Amos slade-Amos Slade is certainly one of the most problematic Disney characters. A vicious old hunter with a permanent scowl, he believes that the only good fox is a dead one. In fact, the only time Slade allows himself anything friendlier than a frown is when he and his two dogs are returning from a successful hunting trip. That's when he bursts into song, explaining to the world the ethos of his life: "I ain't got no job. I'm a huntin' man and I'd rather have a dog than a dollar."

Texas pete-Nicknamed Tex, he is the 'brains' behind all the plans that sadly go wrong. With a comical accent and obscure attacks towards Superted, he always ends up on his knees begging for mercy.

Texas Pete is a stereotypical bad guy who never has a successful plan.

It is unknown why Texas Pete is evil or why he doesn't like Superted. All we know is that he is a mentally deranged cowboy who is very qualified to travel through space but knows jack about horse riding.

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