A powerful and dangerous principle makes its home within the house of the chariot. “what is it your desire?” the chariot is every beings strive for utopia. The chariot is the reason that seven rhymes with heaven and why that number is so important in biblical lore. The chariot is the point where a being decides that there is nothing more important than reaching its goals. Yet the amazing and blinding paradox is that there is no end to a beings goal, they reach outwards unto infinity. It is like that conundrum of the half step towards the center of a circle, no matter how close you become, you shall never reach the center. For as you reach deeper and deeper, the center spirals and contorts, it fractures and realigns until the entire universe must be appeased so that you may sit within it. Ultimately there is no point to goals, no matter what the goal, the only point of the goal is the journey to the goal. The best summation of ‘the chariot’ is ‘the goal’. It is the re-entry of the pure being into reality.

It is important to understand that while there is no point to reaching the end of the chariot, that the journey itself is one of the most powerful things a being can embark on. It purifies ones soul so that only ones bliss exists; it is the destroyer of fear and apathy and imbues all it touches with ecstasy. Yet it is a difficult journey, as one, in order to save the damsel (of self) one must first slay the dragon (of self). The chariot is called thus because it is the vehicle of a great adventure, the perspective of attempting to reach your heaven on earth leads you through your most dangerous path, that which traps you within your being, your unconscious. The farther one reaches upon the path of bliss, the more deeply entrenched and stronger demons one must face. Peter Carroll once said that ‘a demon is a god who has overstepped his boundaries’, from this perspective, for each chance for the freedom to reach for bliss, one must face a greater and greater demon, with the final demon being your own selfhood disconnecting you from the bliss of infinity. And that in itself is the reason that the chariot is unreachable, because the true end of the path to a beings total bliss is nonbeing, a great paradox which dissolves the chariot and makes its whole existence ridiculous.

The two astrological perspectives of the chariot come from Cancer and Libra. As a cancer moves to control his existence more and more, he comes to realize that perfect safety is not goal in itself, but a means to an end, that there is glimpsed, from the safety of their fortress, a great boundless treasure, on which no man could lay a price on. This treasure is utopia, and for the chance of utopia, Cancer must take his fortress, and equip it with wheels and begin a search high and low to discover only the worthiest of steeds. For cancer, realizing the chariot is the path to becoming.

Libra on the other hand, is born riding upon the holy vehicle. From the moment a libra is born, his eyes shimmer with the reflections of his golden paradise. This golden paradise, although, exists only in his mind. Yet what Libra holds with abundance is faith, that if those correct synapses fire, that if he continues to reach for understanding, That he will someday, possibly soon, open up those pearly gates, and shoot the breeze himself with the gods of Olympus. If one desires the understanding of the chariot, I would recommend watching the ease of a Libran, or the struggle of a Cancerian, and through their souls, you shall see most high path to glory.

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