episode: a witch's tail, the charmed ones struggle to help a beautiful mermaid from losing her immortality, but are hindered by morphing mishaps and fiendish water demon Sea Hag.

episode:happily ever after, when an evil witch traps the charmed ones in warped classicfairy tales, phoebeas cinderella meets evil prince charming, paige eats a poisoned apple, and piper gose head-on with the big bad wolf.

episode:siren song, piper and paige try to save phoebes lifefrom the scandalous siren while piper and leo's personas are swithched magically by their unborn child.

episode:witches in tights, a fiendish demon uses a young boys magical drawing to tensform into super villan and , in order to stop the demon ,the boy must transform the charmed ones into comic book super-heroines.

episode:the eyes have it, phoebe loses her powers of preminition and as she struggles to retrive her lost powers, she sees s terrifying vision of the charmed ones deaths.

episode:sympathy for the demon, the demon of fear returns to seek vengence on the charmed ones and the sisters become trapped in the mannor battling their own fears.

episode: a witch in time, two of the charmed ones are killed and the remaining sister must reverse the chain of death when phoebe inadvertently opens a time tunnle that provides a pathway for a warlock from the futur.

episode:sam i am, cole attacks the charmed ones as he realises that he must give into evil destiny in hope that the sisters will vanquish him and end his sufferin, while paige is assinged her first cahared from being a white lighter but she dose not know that the charge she was assingned to is her biological father sam.

episode:y tu mummy tambien, a lovelorn demon mummifies phoebe in his questto find the perfect body to hold the spirit of his dead lover.

episode:the importence of being phoebe, after kidnapping phoebe, cole's scheming spells create mayhem for the remaining charmed ones as he tries to gain access to the powerful nexus in the mannor.

episode:centennial charmed, cole's twisted attemps to win phoebe back destroys the power of three. the charmed ones must overcome the desturction he has cause and pull together to vanquish the desprate cole.

episode:house call, the charemed ones become helplessy self destructive when the council of witch doctors brings voodoodoll along on a house call.

episode:sand francisco dremin, terrifying nightmares come to lfe when a demon attacks the charmed ones with dream dust. the sisters must magically re-enter their nightmares to unmask the symbolic meaning of their dreams.

episode:the day magic died, at a summit meeting with the leaders of evil, phoebe and paige discover that all magic- both good and evil-has dissapered. piper needs her sisters help after she loses her soon to be born baby to the leaders.

episode:baby's first demon, demon kidnappers target piper and leo's baby for the demonic black market, but when thier first attempt fails, the demons uses paige as a pawn to launch an attack on leo and the baby while piper and phoebe are saving their sister.

episode:lucky charmed, the charmed ones joinforces with an leprechaun to banisha deadly demon who is killing leprechuans and stealling their magic. good magic battles bad magic as the sisters try to reverse the leprechauns' bad luck

episode: cat house, piper accidentally casts a spell that sends phoebe and paige back in time where, unbeknowst to the sisters ,a wicked warlock tries to permanently alter their futur by killing the charmed ones cat,

episode:nymphs just want to have fun, piper and phoebe race against time to rescue paige after she is transformed into a nymph and then captured by a demon who wants to rule the forest.

episode:sense and sense ability, an old crone who wants to kidnap piper and leo's baby weakens the charmed ones by stealling their senses. the blind, deaf, and mute sisters must overcome their handicaps to defeat her.

episode: necromancing the stone , halliwellmatriarchs who have been summoned to bless piper's baby fall prey to the necromancer demon who has returend from the spirit realm to absorb their magical powers.

episode:oh my goddess, at the risk of being seduced by their vast new powers, the charmed ones are transformed into gorgeous greek goddesses possesing the ultimate power to defeat a band of angry greek mythic god's, the titans.

this hole page displays all of the fifth episodes in order i hope you had fun reading about all of the fifth episodes.


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