SuperTed was about a teddy that got rejected from the shop and he was transformed with a simple word and became a superteddy. His adventures were always wacky and trying to defeat the evil bogrolls. The series was in 1989. The hanna-barbera vesion is good as the original version. The further adventures of superted lasted only 13 episodes. Phanton of the grand ol' opry was the first further adventures of superted episode And ruse of the rajah was the last further adventures of superted. Victor spineti did the voice of texas pete, Melvyn hayes did the voice of skeleton And all the people did all voices. In the us version, Danny cocksey did the voice of superted And pat fraley did the voice of spotty. In the uk vesion, Derek griffiths did the voice of superted And jon pertwee did the voice of spotty. And in north wales, All the north welsh people did all the superted charaters. The 13 further adventures of superted episodes took 22 minutes.

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