Garfield as Mr Grumpy

Odie or Homer(from The Simpsons) as Mr Bump

Binky The Clown As Mr Tall(Binky Does Not Suited Mr Noisy)

Nermal as Miss Chatterbox

Penelope or Daisy(from TTTE) As Miss Naughty

Orson as Mr Happy

Roy as Mr Tickle

Booker as Mr Small(in the 2008 series)

Sheldon as Mr Nosy(from 1970`s,1996 and 2008 series)

Wade as Mr Persnickety

Bo as Mr Small(from 1970`s and 1996)

Lanolin as Miss Sunshine

Gort as Mr Rude

Fred Duck or Mr Krabs (from Spongebob Squarepants) as Mr Funny

Newton as Mr Sneeze

Weasel as Mr Grumble

The Fox as Mr Nervous

Plato as Mr Greedy

Aloysis as Mr Tune

Edward R. Furrow as Mr Worry(Edward R. Furrow Does Not Suited Mr Nosey But The Actors Could Count On That And Some People Are People And They Not Suited Mr Nosey and So For The Children)

Bernie As Mr Muddle

The Old Pig as Mr Slow

Floyd as Mr Lazy(in 70`s and 1996 series)

Mr Smee (From Peter Pan) as Mr Lazy(in the 2008 series

What the Dog as Mr Scatterbrain

Where the Dog as Mr Stubborn

Bobby Buddy Bear as Mr Messy

Bertie Buddy Bear as Mr Bounce

Betty Buddy Bear as Miss Calamity

Dick Drake as Mr Dizzy

Wades Dad as Mr Strong

and many,many,many,more

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