1. Sue:Lion Cub:Age:8-Sue is A 8 Year Old White Female Lion-Cub With Rose Eyes and Wears a Pink Long Sleeves Dress,Raspberry Leggings & Folly Flats.She has Long Auburn Hair tied into a Ponytail.She is Disney Fan and Loves Flowers And Fairies,Which She has Four Named Samantha,Dawn,Jessie & Emily.She is Voiced By Taylor Swift.
  2. Emily-Zebra:Age:11-Emily Is A 11 Year Old Pink and White Female Zebra With Baby Blue Eyes and Wears a Deep Pink Puffy Sleeves Shirt & Fuchsia Skirt.She has Long Black Hair.She is living with her Grandparents.She is Voiced By Brittany Snow
  3. Dora-Osrich:Age:7-Dora Is A 7 Year Old Blue Osrich With Light Blue Feathers,Pink Beak,Blue Eyes,Legs,Neck,White Tail And Light Blue Primaries.She Voiced By Samantha Bailey
  4. Kate-Rhino:Age:18:Kate Is A 18 Year Old Tan Rhino With Long Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes,Large Horn On Her Nose And Wears Light Blue T-Shirt,Blue Skirt,Sandals And Pink Bow Around Her Long Blonde Hair.She Is Gloria's Best Friend.She Voiced By Katherine Soucie
  5. Gloria-Elephant:Age:9-Gloria Is A 9 Year Old Creamy-Tan Elephant With Long Ears,Long Trunk,Long Legs And Feet,Long Blonde Hair,Blue Eyes And Wears Short Sleeves Pink Dress,Pink Flats,White Tights And Pink Bow Around Her Neck.She Is Best Friend With Badou And Jake.She Voiced By Brenda Song.
  6. Hannah-hippo:Age:13-Hannah Is A 13 Year Old Cream Hippo With Long Blonde Hair,Brown Eyes
  7. Ella-giraffe:Age:11-Ella Is A 11 Year Old Magenta And With White Spots Giraffe And Wears Dark Blue Dress And Purple Flats.She Voiced By Brittany Snow
  8. Cindy-cheetah:Age:10-Cindy Is A 10 year old Cream With Tan Spots Cheetah.She Wears a
  9. sasha-tiger cub:Age:6-Sasha Is A 6 year old White With Black Stripes Tiger Cub With Cyan Eyes,Long Auburn Hair & Wears Long Sleeved Aqua Turtleneck Shirt,Sea Green Headband,Mint Skirt,Lime Green Bow Around Her Forehead,Green Ballet Slippers,Dark Blue And Purple Bow Around Her Tail And Spring Green Hairclips Covered Her Ears.She Voiced By Katherine Soucie.
  10. julia-fox:Age:5
  11. Pepe-skunk:Age:11-He is a 11 year old Male Black And White Skunk With Black Eyes & Short Black Hair.He Has a Little Sister,Fifi who is 5 year old.He Loves His Sister So Much.
  12. fifi-skunk:Age:5
  13. Anna-Chipmunk:Age:9-She is a 9 year old female Chipmunk With Cream,Black And White On Her Back,Long Red Hair,Green Eyes & Wears Aquamarine Dress,White Tights,Mint Flats And Sea Green Bow Back To Her Neck.She Loves Princesses,Boys And Go To School.She Voiced By Christina Applegate.
  14. bella-beaver:Age:12
  15. molly-bear-cub:Age:12-Molly is a 12 year old cream female bear cub with cream fur,green eyes,
  16. ariel-fawn:Age:13-Ariel is a 13 year old cream female Fawn With Cream Fur,Blue Eyes,Long Blonde Hair,White Tail,Black Hooves,Thin Long Legs,White Spots And Wears A Spring Green Dress,White Hairclips Like Ears,
  17. rose-fox:Age:13
  18. juliet-rabbit:11-Juliet Is A 11 Year Old Cream-Tan Rabbit With
  19. E.B Rabbit:11-E.B Is A 11 Year Old Brown Rabbit,
  20. sandy-squirrel:13-She is a 13 year old cream-tan squirrel
  21. penelope-porcupine:Age:13
  22. ruby-raccoon:Age:5
  23. Samantha-Perisan Cat-Age:11-Samantha Is A 11 Year Old White Perisan Cat With Blue Eyes And Long Blonde Hair.She Had Also Have A Crush On Pepe Skunk and Rival of Sue Lion-Cub.She Voiced By Taylor Swift.
  24. Dawn-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:Age:12
  25. Lily-Parakeet-Age:12
  26. Eddie-Jack Russell Terrier:14
  27. Polly-Poodle:13
  28. T.J-French Bulldog:Age:12
  29. Alan-Panda:Age:13
  30. Amy-Miniature Pig:12
  31. Tom-American Shorthair:11 or 12
  32. Princess-Sheep-13
  33. Jen-Papillon-12
  34. Bella-Chihuahua-16
  35. Jessie-Shiba Inu-9
  36. Emily-Netherland Dwarf-9
  37. Joey-Pembroke Welsh Corgi-8
  38. Flower-Beagle-6
  39. Lola-Clownfish-1
  40. Katherine-Siamese Cat-9-Katherine is a 9 year old Siamese Cat
  41. Olivia-Unicorn-9
  42. Sally-Deer-4-Sally is Ariel's Younger Sister.
  43. Tara-Tabby Cat-9-Tara
  44. Tiffany-Squirrel Monkey-11
  45. Marie-Polar Bear-11-Marie is a 11 year old white female polar bear with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail with a pink bow,blue eyes,pink nose and wears strap sleeved pink shirt,pink skirt and pink flats.she voiced by brittany snow.
  46. Elizabeth-Cheetah-5
  47. Clara-Bumblebee-4
  48. Clarie-Aplaca-8
  49. Penelope-Ferret-16
  50. Kathy-Hamster-9
  51. Poppy-Bunny-9
  52. Lady-Yorkshire Terrier-9-Lady Is A 9 Year Old Brown And Black Yorkshire Terrier With Long Brown Hair,Blue Eyes,Pink Nose,Rose On Her Forehead,Puffy Sleeved Pink Dress,White Vest,White Tights,and Pink Ballet Flats
  53. Savannah-Skunk-9-Savannah Is A 9 Year Old Cream And White Skunk With Long Blonde Hair,Blue Eyes,Pink Nose And Others.She Likes Princesses,Boys And Go To School.She Voiced By Tara Strong.


  1. The Animals' Homes
  2. The Animals School

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