The trap of the self within the self. The idea that the only reason you were called into creation is to further and help creation. You are essentially trapped within your own being forever, made to sacrifice your being for every single being in existence. In this, one is meant to see where he is trapped, and why and how. Where the fates have placed him, and what is bad and good about it. All throughout the trial, one is forced to sacrifice the self of self for the larger experience already in place. The holding place of infinite crossroads where one must contemplate what has happened, what could happened, and why any of it is happening at all, so that one may move forward from an understanding perspective.

Yet at the same time, one is not trapped in the sense that one cannot do something, one is trapped in that his intentions and his actions are continually linked to the macroscopic world that he cannot escape. So that the only way to attain true power is not only to truly understand the macroscopic self, but also the exact minutia of the microscopic self, So that upon ending this path, one may understand, in a colloqiual sense, that there is no outer world, there is only an inner world manipulated through perspective and imagination. This world of perspective and imagination is the only path that truly exists, and thus death follows directly after this path.

The attributions important to this card are: water which is the truest title of the card, because it is its truest attribution. pisces because it is the 12th sign of the zodiac. It falls between Geburah and Hod on Kabbalah

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