(first draft)understanding how you fit into the big picture, and understanding how you must change to fit into it. the creation of your own complete living philosophy. The point of the mystics journey.

(second) The Card of the Hermit can be one of the most frightening cards to experience and deal with, as it is the total evolution of the perspective of Virgo. The idea can be brought down to a simple principle, which has very positive and negative connotations, depending on your situation and background and beliefs. There is only one you.
As there is only one of you, there is no one who can know your struggles, there is no one who can truly be there for your pains, because your pains are yours and yours alone, because as you act to become your self, you take those things from the vacuum of being so that there are yours and yours alone. On the positive side this also means that your creation of your being gives you a journey which is yours alone, as well as a purpose and a role that only you can fullfill. As you are the only person with your attributes. At this time I must return to the correspondance of Virgo as many times during these motions, one must understand what you yourself lack, what you have taken on and what you have learned about yourself that does not connect with the rest of what you have become and are. Many times during the hermit, one must use the universe as a springboard to discover the many attributes of your created/true self. throughout this situation, one realizes the true aloneness of self, as no one can tell you what is right and what is wrong, you notice all of the things you have that no one else has, at least in the same pattern and combination. The Hermit is called this for these reasons, for in the time of the hermit, one focuses on aloneness.

And yet here lies the strangest dichotomy of the principle of the hermit, and the importance of the pessimistic/optimistic conceptualization. Although it is the highest point of virgo, it is also the foundation and springboard of Saggitarius and as we have connected these principles before, aloneness is also the greatest gift that the creator can give. There is something that only you can give to the matrix. A skill and vocation that is yours and yours alone, and if you can discover it, the matrix will forever be in your debt. Thus the boddhi-dharma must go to the hills to seek enlightenment, only to come down, to share that bliss he has found with the world. The power that lies within the hermit is that of discovery of personal cosmology, once one finds his own personal map of existence, as well as his place within it, then no doors he seeks shall be closed, the key shall be handed to him and he will be free to traverse his path in accordance with the hermits map. This is the completion of the hermit.


SignsVirgo, Saggitarius
Number 9
Kabbalah Yesod

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