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Improved Cast

Baloo as Mr. Conductor (Ringo Starr)
Mowgli as Mr. Conductor (George Carlin)
Shanti as Stacy Jones {Shanti and Stacy Jones Both Names Starting With The Letter S}
Bagheera as Schemer< br /> Baby Mowgli as Matt
Marie {The Aristocats} as Tanya
Ziggy as Dan
Mowgli's Mother as Kara
Maid Marian {Robin Hood} as Becky
Pumbaa {Lion King} as Harry Cupper
Mowgli's Father as Billy Twofeathers
Kaa as Schemee
Noddy {Noddy's Toyland Adventures} as Tito
Tessie Bear {Noddy's Toyland Adventures} as Didi
Sly and Gobbo {Noddy's Toyland Adventures} as Tex and Rex

Mickey Mouse {Mickey Mouse} as JB King
Mrs. Potato Head {Toy Story} as Grace
Edna Mode {The Incredibles} as Midge Smoot
Ariel {The Little Mermaid} as Ginny
Lighting McQueen {Cars} as Felix
Scuttle {The Little Mermaid} as Kib
Winifred as Vickie
Akela as Mr. Nicholas
Old Monkey as Tucker
/ Chowing Elephant as Barton Winslow
Amelia and Agabli Gabble {The Aristocats} as Midge Smoot's Grandaughters
Buzzie as Hobert Hume
Rocky as Edmund
John {Peter Pan} as Rusty
Junior as Prince Michael Mikey
Minnie Mouse {Mickey Mouse} as The Queen
Mr. Messy {Mr. Men} as Amazo the Great
Wall-E {Wall-E} as Barry Prince
Shere Kahn as Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin
Scar {Lion King} as Buster the Bully
Tabuaqi and Mr. Nosey/Mr. Small in 2008 {Mr. Men} as Bull and Biff
The Big Bad Wolf {Three Little Pigs} and Buster {Toy Story 2} as The Evil Workers
Mother Wolf as Mr. Conductor's Sister
Frair Tuck {Robin Hood} as Max
Jimmy Cricket {Pinocchio} as Ned Kincaid
The Finding Nemo Characters as Thomas and his friends

'Feel Free To Edit

In-Fo More?

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