1. marie from aristocats as ariel
  2. oliver from oliver and company as prince eric
  3. jeanette from alvin and the chipmunks as flounder
  4. thumper from bambi as sebastain
  5. simon from alvin and the chipmunks as scuttle
  6. thomas o malley as king triton
  7. zira from the lion king 2: simba's pride as ursula
  8. banzai & ed from the lion king as flotsam & jetsam
  9. grimsby as himself
  10. ariel's sisters played by fifi la fume, babs bunny, alice, shirley the loon, susan test, & amy rose
  11. sawyer cat from cats don't dance as vanessa
  12. tai lung from kung fu panda as giant ursula

it will come on june 9 2011 on youtube

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