Deluxe digital studios as Woody

Paramount as Buzz lightyear

PBS as Jessie

CBS as Mr. Patato head

CTW as Mrs. Patato head

Worldvision as Slinky Dog

PBS kids Dash as Bullseye

Viacom as Hamn

DIC as Rex

Desilu as Barbie

Tails(From Sonic) as Andy

Amy(From Sonic) as Andy's Mom

Viacom's V of Doom as Sid

BBC as Bo peep

Akil, Grammnet and Georgia as the 3 aliens

Paramount's closet killer as evil emperor zurg

Sonia(From Sonic) as Molly

Sesame workshop as Lenny

Universal as Dolly

Columbia as Hannah

Cream(From Sonic) as Bonnie

Sally(From Sonic) as Bonnie's Mom

20th Century Fox as Rocky

MGM Leo as Losto

Universal's Evil Globe as Al

VID TV as Stinky Pete

Screen gems S from hell as Skud

THX as Big Baby

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