A parody of Secret life of Pets which will be released in 2017.


Eizan Kaburagi (Shuriken school) as Max

Jimmy B (Shuriken School) as Duke

Okuni Dohan (Shuriken School) as Gidget

Kate Ashby as Katie

Daisuke (Shuriken school) as Buddy

Naginata (Shuriken School) as Snowball

Brian Griffin (Family Guy) as Mel

Flippy (Happy Tree Friends) as Tiberius

Stewie as Tattoo

Bruce (Shuriken School) as Dragon

Kimura Twins, Doku, Cartman, Little Kate Ashby, Coiny and Eraser (BFDI) as the flushed pets.

Doug (Zootopia) as Viper

Terrence (Foster's home for imaginary friends) as Ozone

Mr Grumpy, Mr Grumble, Mr Uppity, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Stubborn, Mr Stubborn and Mr Rude as The Alley cats.

Stuart (Minions) as Lenoard

Orbit (Rob the Robot) as Norman

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