The Simpsons Anime or Da Shimpusonzu: Anime is a spinoff series of The Simpsons.The main characters are Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Maggie, Deli, Seby, Mark, RADS, Kerli-ZZ, Pus, Pus Jr. and Maggie Jr., Pokemon Trainers and Idols who live in Saffron City, a Pokemon-themed Tokyo district. All of Pokemon became reality. The antagonists are Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, the Team Burns Grunts, the Team Rocket Grunts and the Masks, major antagonists and gym leaders in disguise. The show is a mix of The Simpsons, Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts, Futurama, our life and other shows.


Milhouse invites his friends Bart, Lisa and Maggie in the digital world, where they encounter Pus. Pus is a magical Wartortle - not really one - who changes forever the lives of the main characters, Pus can change into an hot girl, making him actually an human teenage girl who is a lesbian, being actracted to various girls, and a transgender, otherkin and otakukin, identifiyng with a male 1000 year old Wartortle. Pus, despite being biologically female, is referred as an "he". They go in Hoenn to heal the Xabux virus, for starters. Because of this adventure, aura guardian Rita Austri, from Shelbiville - not Shelbyville, joins the group under the name of Rads. Rads eventually get healed and becomes a Hoenn Dex Holder. Bart hatch an egg, containing a cloud princess named Deli who has a boyfriend, Mark. They all join the group and become the groupie of a band, the Sebastienne Gals. The frontwoman of the band, Seby, real name Aiwa Utsukushii - Aiwa s' name is written with the kanji 愛 meaning love - gets in love with Bart. They all live in a Villa in Saffron City, where the Gym Leader is named Natsume. Natsume has a kid with the evil Mr. Burns, who is a sort of a rival to the main characters. The Team Burns, whose leader and admin is Mr. Burns and commander is Smithers, Team Rocket, and the Masks, actually gym leaders in disguise, fight often with the Bart & Co. or, in japanese, the バートたち, Bāto-tachi, which we call Baato-tachi for simplicity. The Baato-tachi is now composite of 12 members:

Members of the Baato-tachi

Bartholomew Jojo Simpson D. Meloetta, King of the Heavenly Digital World

Elisabeth Marie J. Simpson D. Meloetta, Queen of the Heavenly Digital World

Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten Meloetta, Knight of the Heavenly Digital World

Margareth J. Simpson-Rakin

Delina Selina Simpson, Princess of the Clouds

Aiwa Utsukushii, Sebastienne Kotobuki Gyaru

Mark Lenders

Rita Austri De Shelbyville, Guardian of the Aura

Princess Kerly Elfen Lied

Pus Simpson-Rakin

Pus Simpson-Rakin Jr.

Margareth J. Simpson-Rakin Jr.


The couples of The Simpsons Anime;

BartxSeby - SeBart - SimpsonAnimeShipping

MarkxDeli - MaDeli - OxfordShipping

MilhousexLisa - MiLisa - NerdyShipping

MaggiexPus - MaPus - MiniShipping

Maggie Jr.xPus Jr. - MaPus Jr. - JuniorMiniShipping

RADSxBart - RABart - XabuxShipping

Kerli-ZZxLisa - KeLisa - PokeFanaticShipping

NatsumexMr.Burns - NaBurns - EvilPsychoShipping

Ray (Sailor Mars)xSmithers - ReSmithy - FireSenshiShipping

SebyxPus - SePus - TempleGirlsShipping

The Opening

Shimpusonzu Anime Theme feat Ayako Kitagawa


Samu bara tere kimagawa FIGHT! - A pretty light day FIGHT!

iso kawa natele uragari NIGHT! - Dance around the spinning NIGHT!

Nana!" Baratte!" "Ka-Na-Ta! - Journey!" Battle!" "Ad-Ven-Ture!

Danjo bazooka 123 - Great life 123

123 43 - 123 43

123 43 - 123 43

43 no Shinkuten - 43 of the Word

Dojo baratte no Kimuten - Magic world of Adventure

Kikiki- Kimuten! - AAA- Adventure!

Kikiki- Kimuten! - AAA- Adventure!

A-A-A- Z! - A-A-A- Z!

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