Write the text of your article here! the tiger king 11/2 is a comedy film and squel to the lion king 11/2 wich wil be released to theatre's on march 10th, 2020. plot- after sid the sloth meets po the panda they go back to young bagheera's presatation they go to the kingdom of china where shifu shows young bagheera the whole kingdom then to a group of young bagheera and pussy foot sing with animals. the gang then go to the elephant graveyard they encounter shifu fighting belladonna, zeke and killer then they go to the wildbeest stampede and run and go to their new home. then bagheera runs after tai lung tell's him to run and never return he runs and runs from belladonna zeke and killer after shifu has died. sid and po return to their new home and then tai lung finally become's king of china. little bagheera is in a desert and found by sid and po he live's with them for a-while he forms into diego sid and po are dissapointed that little bagheera has formed into diego but the gang spend time with diego after pussyfoot forms into tigeress she jumps on diego and finally marrie's tigeress. she tell's sid and po what happened to bagheera after the gang ran away sid does'nt want to be po's friend anymore but he make's up with him sid save's his parents rebecca and baloo from belladonna, zeke and killer. diego tosse's tai lung off of an cliff and he fall's and slide's into the whole then he survive's and is defeated by his friends diego finally become's the king of china and lives with tigeress sid and po enjoy their life in their new home and the film ends and credit's role. cast- nathan lane as sid the sloth. ernie sebella as po the panda. young bagheera- unknown. pussyfoot- unknown. production- the information on the production on the animated film will be after the production on the movie is done. storyboards- coming soon.

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