TheForgottenCoon is copywrite of Michael Addeo, along with the fursona name RodgersCoon. Known as Forgotten by the local SoCal group, he is a anthropomorphic raccoon with brown fur and a single striped tail. His left ear contains a bite mark that has no real story behind it besides the fact that it gives his fursona some unique trait that not other brown raccoons would possess.


Forgotten enjoys many different activities and events, including hanging out with the local fur group, playing video games with friends, and chatting with other furs on the internet. Some of the local furs that you might find Forgotten with include Schizo Wolf and Sixarmedwerewolf, along with others that might pop up from time to time.


Forgotten usually updates a journal, viewable by any curious folks. He updates regularly at his Livejournal.


Forgotten can usually be reached by the use of messangers such as AOL Instant Messanger and Yahoo! Instant Messanger. If a friendship is created, cellphone reach is applicable.

  • AIM: SubbyCoon
  • MSN:
  • YIM: furry_lover4688

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