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Theiran Quinn Alexander, was born on March 31, 1977 in Detroit Michigan. He lived in Michigan his entire life. He worked at Ford Motor Company and was intending on starting the Fire Academy to become a fireman. His closest friends in life was his brother D, and his friend E. His partner in life was his loving wife Tiffany Marcia Alexander. They spent 11 years of their lives together up until Theiran's untimely death. They met in high school and soon after moved in together. Theiran left behind two beautiful children. Luther Quinn Alexander who was named for Theiran's grandfather and Ariana Danielle Alexander. Theiran was a loving father to his children. He enjoyed spending his days hanging around with his brother and friends, playing video games and throwing back a few beers. Theiran died in a house fire. He lived 9 days after the accident during that time he turned 30 on March 31st.

We will all miss you Theiran.

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