Spanish Harlem Mural -4

Theme and Setting: Street Art of Spanish Harlem

The mural, Theme and Setting: Street Art of Spanish Harlem, is located in East Harlem in New York City, the setting of the next book we will read together. Study the mural, and respond to the following questions concerning themes portrayed in the mural as well as predictions of what we may find in the memoir we are about to read.

What activities do you see occurring in the mural?

Gardening, slavery, bird's wing

I see people staging some kind of a protest.

I see slaves breaking their chains.

Do you think that the mural has positive or negative depictions? Give specific examples.

What would you say the general message, or theme of the mural is?

Based on the fact that this mural is located in Spanish Harlem, the setting of our next class book, what predictions can you make about the themes we may encounter when we read the memoir.

What predictions do you have for what the plot of our next book may be?

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