Theodore Ruff
Theodore Ruff
First appearanceThe Doggies
Last appearance?
Created byBrett Barnett based on Theo the dog
NameTheodore Ruff
AffiliationThe Ruffs, The power of three, Meowsie Elementary.
  • The doggie power.
  • power over water
FamilyLeroy, Penny
Doggie StoneThe Water Stone

Theodore Ruff

Theodore Ruff isn't the oldest in the ruff family and he isn't the youngest either. He is the in-between-one which means he always has to be around to keep things in balance between Penny and Leroy, his sisters, but usually, it's Penny trying to keep things balanced between Theo and Leroy. He lives at 15 stray lane, and he goes to school at meowsie elementary. That was pretty much his life, nice and normal until one day when he discovered an old family secret. After coming into contact with his doggie stone, he received his power - the power of water - and soon his sisters received their's. Now he and his sisters are one of the greatest forces of magic and they spend most of their time saving the world, which is easier than it sound with a little help from their friend, Grim and their angel, Suzi.

Theo's Stats

Name: Theodore Ruff Age: 4 at present Appearance: Black, long fur. Floppy ears and rather small. Address: 15 stray lane, Meowsie, USD.

Powers: Water, Doggie. He is a: Wizard He is: Good.

Associated with: The Ruffs, Meowsie Elementary.

Theo's History


Theo's first word was 'Mommy', which may have been the most normal thing in their family at the time. He had a lovely puppyhood and when he turned 2 he could talk and walk, and he started making friends right away. He often got into fights with his younger sister, Leroy, but he escaped her half the day when he started school. He met his new friends who became his friends for the rest of the year, and the year after. Then he went into second grade, and everything changed.

01: the Doggies

Theo became the first Doggie to receive his power, the power of water, and he was the first to believe in everything that was happening to them. He soon learned how to control his power which would help him when it came to fighting the boogeyman.

Theo's Powers


  • Theo can turn into water in order to escape an enemy.
    • He can also remain in his water state for a long period of time.
  • Theo can throw balls of water.
  • Theo can control water levels
    • He can make water spontaneously appear
    • and spontaneously disappear.
  • He can control the flow of water.


  • He can slightly manipulate time
  • He can cast P3 spells
  • He can sometime see the future.
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