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Theodore Tugboat/101 Dalmatians are parodies with 101 Dalmatians sounds and Theodore Tugboat clips.


  • Theodore as Pongo
  • Emily as Perdita
  • The Dispatcher as Roger
  • Lillie the Lighthouse as Anita
  • Rebecca as Nanny
  • Constance as Cruella De Vil
  • Guysborough as Jasper
  • Snorri as Horace
  • Stuwiacke as Danny
  • Truro as Captain
  • George as Colonel
  • Digby as Sgt. Tibbs
  • Inverness as Towser
  • Cigrid as Lucy
  • Hank as Patch
  • Nautilus as Rolley
  • Northumberland as Lucky
  • Foduck as Thunderbolt
  • R Boat as Lil. Lighting
  • Oliver as The Evil Man on the show, Thunderbolt
  • Beddeck as The Collie
  • Shelburne as Labrador
  • Bluenose as Penny
  • Cabot as Mooch

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