Theodore Tugboat/American Dad


  • Theodore as Stan
  • Emily as Francine
  • Hank as Steve
  • Rebecca as Hayley
  • Foduck as Roger
  • Shelburne as Klaus
  • Digby as Barry
  • Baddeck as Snot
  • Shamus as Toshi
  • Northumberland as Jeff
  • Truro as Bob Memari
  • Sigrid as Linda Memari
  • George as Avery Bullock
  • Phillip and Philmore as Greg and Terry
  • Bluenose (From TUGS) as Chuck White
  • Top Hat (From TUGS) as Jack Smith
  • Cocomagh as Betty Smith
  • The Dispatcher as Principal Lewis
  • Ten Cents (From TUGS) as Jackson
  • Warrior (From TUGS) as Sanders
  • Big Mac (From TUGS) as Bill
  • Inverness as Reginald
  • Pugwash as Lisa Silver
  • Oliver as Anti-Christ
  • Sunshine (From TUGS) as Brian (From Family Guy)
  • Cabot as Stewie (From Family Guy)
  • Billy Shoepack (From TUGS) as Quagmire (From Family Guy)
  • Nautlius as Peter (From Family Guy)
  • OJ (From TUGS) as Cleveland (From Family Guy/The Cleveland Show)

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