• Emily as Noddy
  • Hank as Pingu
  • Philip, Fillmore and R Boat as Funnybones
  • Northumberland as Postman Pat
  • Kulu as Spider
  • Foduck as Joshua Jones
  • Carla as Giselle
  • Fundy as Martin
  • Theodore as Fireman Sam
  • Digby as Charlie Chalk

Voice Cast

  • Susan Sheridan - Emily
  • Carlo Bonomi - Hank
  • Griff Rhys Jones - Philip and Fillmore
  • Ken Barrie - Northumberland
  • Jeff Stevenson - Kulu
  • George Layton - Foduck
  • John Alderton - Theodore
  • Michael Williams - Digby


Emily's Big Harbour Adventures

  • Emily and The Broken Bicycle


  • Hank and Pugwash at Home


  • The Pet Shop

PostSubmarine Northumberland

  • PostSubmarine Northumberland's Finding Day


  • Just Kulu

Foduck Jones

  • Haywire

The Tales Of The Tooth Boats

  • Carla and Fundy and The Stolen Present

FireTug Theodore

  • Cabot The Ship-Bot


  • Hank Goes Fishing

Digby Chalk

  • Inverness' Night Out

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