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  • Theodore as Bob
  • Foduck as Scoop
  • Carla as Lofty
  • Emily as Muck
  • Pugwash as Dizzy
  • Rebecca as Wendy
  • Bedford as Roley
  • Hank as Spud
  • George as Travis
  • Freda as Benny
  • Inverness as Skip
  • Northumberland as Scrambler
  • Tex as Mr Sabantini
  • Owen as Mr Flicks
  • Clayton as Pilchard
  • Cabot as Farmer Pickles
  • Blandford as Packer
  • Bingham as Dodger
  • Constance as Trix
  • Petra as Mrs Percival
  • Pearl as Mrs Potts
  • Canso as Scruffty
  • The Dispatcher as Mr Bentley

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