Theodore Tugboat/Codename: Kids Next Door Villains


  • Theodore as Heinrich Von Marzipan
  • Truro as Knightbrace
  • Inverness as Tolietnator
  • George as Mr. Boss
  • Foduck as Chad Dickson
  • Hank as King Sandy
  • Digby as Al Sughar
  • Baddeck as James Nixon McGarfield
  • Phillip and Philmore as Mr. Fibb and Mr. Wink
  • Nautilous as Windsor
  • Emily as Cree Lincoln
  • Shamus as Stickybeard
  • Sigrid as Grandma Stuffum
  • Carla as Mushi Sanban
  • Rebecca as Valerie
  • Bluenose as Laura Limpin
  • Northumberland as Common Cold
  • Cumberland as Count Spankalot
  • Shelburne as Professor XXXL
  • Chester as Chester
  • Fundy as Mr. B
  • Stewiake as Father
  • Dartmouth as Grandfather
  • Henry, Molly, Gordon, Mavis and Edward (From TTTE) as The Delightful Children from Down the Lane
  • Thomas and Emily (From TTTE) as The Interesting Children from Beneath the Mountain
  • Oliver as Numbuh 1
  • Constance as Numbuh 362
  • Cabot as Monty Uno

Voice Cast:

  • Dee Bradley Baker - Theodore Inverness, Bluenose, Phillip and Gordon
  • Tom Kenny - Truro, Baddeck, Chester, Northumberland, and Thomas
  • Jeff Glen Bennett - George
  • Jason Harris - Foduck
  • James Arnold Taylor - Hank
  • Rob Paulsen - Digby
  • Jason Mardsen - Nautilus
  • Cree Summer - Emily (Theodore Tugboat), Emily and Molly
  • Grey DeLisle - Rebecca, Sigrid and Bluenose
  • Tara Strong - Carla and Emily (Thomas and Friends)
  • Darren Norris - Cumberland
  • Frank Welker - Shelburne and Cabot
  • Maurice La Marche - Stewiake
  • Neil Ross - Dartmouth
  • Ben Diskin - Oliver, Henry and Edward
  • Rachel McFarlene - Constance

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