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Theodore Tugboat/Garfield is a parody with Garfied & Friends sounds and Theodore Tugboat clips.


  • George as Garfield
  • Digby as Odie
  • The Dispatcher as Jon
  • Lillie the Lighthouse as Liz
  • Theodore as Orson
  • Foduck as Roy
  • Nautilus as Wade
  • Phillip as Booker
  • Fillmore as Sheldon
  • Hank as Bo
  • Emily as Lanolin
  • Oliver as The Weasel
  • Bulstrode (From TTTE) as Gort
  • Zip (From TUGS) as Wart
  • Zug (From TUGS) as Mort
  • Northumberland as Edward R Furrow
  • Baddeck as Plato
  • Owan as Binky the Clown
  • Fundy as Winston
  • Cabot as The Wolf
  • Sea Rogue (from Salty's Lighthouse) as The Fox
  • Pugwash as Cloe
  • Blandford as Fred Duck
  • Barrington Barge as Newton Duck
  • Rock Brother 1 as What the Dog
  • Rock Brother 2 as Who the Dog
  • Rock Brother 3 as Where the Dog
  • Stewiacke as Cactus Jake
  • Benjamin as Dick Drake
  • Rebecca as Penelope
  • Carla or Constance as Mona
  • Emily (from TTTE) as the Mother Turtle (from Scrambled Eggs)
  • Percy (from TTTE) as the Baby Turtle (from Scrambled Eggs)
  • Dorothy Dory as Little Girl
  • Bluenose as Aloysius's Mom
  • Kulu as Floyd
  • Bingham as The Police Dog
  • Caraquet as Waylon
  • Bluenose (from TUGS) as Aloysuis
  • Burke and Blair (from TUGS) as Redome and Weep
  • and more

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